Bureau Buitenland | De confronterende kunst van Zhang DaliJuly 1, 2017

Dutch radio reviews Zhang Dali's solo exhibtion "Body and Soul" at Museum Beelden aan Zee, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands. 

Art Central | Brownian Motion InstallationJune 29, 2017

Zhang Dali's upcoming solo exhibtion "Body and Soul" touches upon the complexity of Chinese society and workers rights. 

Yishu Journal | Instantaneous Copying and Monumentality: The Historic Logic of Permanence and ImpermanenceMay - June, 2017

Curator Wu Hang writes about his collaboration with Zhang Dali for his solo exhibition "Permanence and
Impermanence: New Works by Zhang Dali".

The Sydney Morning Herald | The Vile Bodies exhibition is mind-boggling in scale and sizeNovember 12, 2016

Zhang Dali's sculpture installation "Chinese Offspring" dominates the ground floor at White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney, Australia. 

Time out new Sydney | Vile BodiesSeptember 9, 2016 - February 5, 2017

Time Out Sydney reviews "Vile Bodies," a group show featuring Zhang Dali as well as many other post-millennial Chinese artists as "freaky as f*&k."

Art Radar | “The Shadow Never Lies” at Minsheng 21st Century MuseumMay 28, 2016

Art Radar reports on the Minsheng Museum group show, which features the works of Miao Xiaochun and Zhang Dali.

Artsy | Wuzhen Is the Chinese Art Hub You’ve Never Heard Of April 15, 2016

Artsy rounds up the arts in Wuzhen, including Zhang Dali's participation in the group show “Utopias/Heterotopias."

Blouin Artinfo | Art Wuzhen Opens with Floating Fish, Wrapped Tree, and Much MoreMarch 29, 2016

Blouin Artinfo reviews Miao Xiaochun and Zhang Dali's work in group exhibition "Utopias/Heterotopias."

The New York Times I The Art of Politics December 17, 2015

Zhang Dali and other artists are reviewed in the NYT for their participation in the Brooklyn Museum group show "Agitprop!"

Artron | Zhang Dali: I have a final question to be solvedOctober 29, 2015

Artron interviews Zhang Dali.

The Art Newspaper | Chinese artist Zhang Dali on censorship and finding freedom in the provinces September 23, 2015

Critic Lisa Movius on Zhang Dali's first retrospective in Wuhan.

Artron | Zhang Dali: Actually, I was a special "positive energy" of the peopleSeptember 20, 2015

Chinese art platform interviews Zhang Dali. 

artron | Ubiquitous Zhang Daliseptember 17, 2015

Chinese based art news platform reviews Zhang Dali's career as an artist. 

ARTINTERN | In the form of an extension of the Thought - dialogue with Zhang DaliSeptember 10, 2015

A Q&A with Zhang Dali. 

99ys | Extreme Reality - On Yu Zhang Dali worksSeptember 9, 2015

Critic and contemporary artist Yu reviews Zhang Dali's show "From Reality to Extreme Reality."

Aesthetica Magazine | Review: De/Constructing China at the Asia Society Museum, New York June 25, 2015

Aesthetica Magazine reviews the group show "De/Constructing China." 

Blouinartinfo | The Toll of Expansion: “De/Constructing China” at New York’s Asia Society June 15, 2015

Zhang Dali's participation in the Asia Society group show "De/Constructing China" is reviewed.

Time Out Hong Kong | Review: Under the Sky June 3, 2015

Time Out Hong Kong reviews Zhang Dali's solo show in Hong Kong. 

Dangdai | Presentaron en el Macba el arte de Zhang Dali y Liu Bolin April 18, 2015

Liu Bolin's "Disappearing" exhibition (Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015) and Zhang Dali's "The Second History" exhibition (Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015) are featured in Dangdai. 

Telam | Macba, China y las formas de resaltar lo oculto April 18, 2015

Liu Bolin's "Disappearing" exhibition (Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015) and Zhang Dali's "The Second History" exhibition (Buenos Aires Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015) are featured in Telam.

Art Pulse | Zhang Dali: Square January 1, 2015

Critic Taliesin Thomas reviews Zhang Dali's solo show "Square."

Yishu I Zhang Dali: Square November 1, 2014

Zhang Dali's solo show "Square" is reviewed in Yishu journal. 

Art Weekly | Zhang Dali October 30, 2014

Chinese-language paper Art Weekly reviews Zhang Dali's solo exhibition in Klein Sun Gallery. 

LEAP | The Square, The Dove, The Crow October 1, 2014

A review of Zhang Dali's cyanotype and square series. 

LEAP I Zhang Dali October 1, 2014

Zhang Dali is featured in the October 2014 issue of LEAP magazine.

artnet asks | artnet Asks: Chinese Artist Zhang Dali September 1, 2014

Zhang Dali is interviewed in this artnet series. 

Shin Weekly | Zhang Dali August 29, 2014

A Chinese-language feature on Zhang Dali's works. 

99ys | "Plaza" - Zhang Dali updated logoJuly 11, 2014

Chinese based news platform writes about Zhang Dali's emergence as an artist. 

Artsy I Tiananmen Square Under the Lens, In the Work of Zhang Dali July 10, 2014

Artsy writes about Zhang Dali's solo show, "Square" (Klein Sun Gallery 2014). 

Art in America I Zhang Dali at Klein Sun Gallery July 10, 2014

Art in America writes about Zhang Dali's exibition "Square" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014). 

VICE | Zhang Dali Brings His Chinese Street Art to New York July 8, 2014

Daneil Genis from VICE interviews Zhang Dali on his solo show "Square," 2014. 

Lux Gentry | Interview with Zhang Dali July 1, 2014

Zhang Dali is interviewed in this Chinese-language art journal. 

Art in America | Sixty Ways of Looking at China June 30, 2004

Critic Richard Vine interviews two curators on the group show "Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China." 

Art Fuse | Square by Zhang Dali at Klein Sun Gallery June 29, 2014

Zhang Dali's solo show at Klein Sun Gallery is reviewed in Art Fuse. 

China Daily | A Steamy Sampling of Chinese Art April 5, 2013

Zhang Dali, Cui Xiuwen, Li Hongbo's works are featured in the Brattelboro Museum & Art Center exhibition "Hot Pot", as reported by China Daily. 

Brattleboro Reformer | BMAC Showcases Art from China March 14, 2013

Liu Bolin's 'Hiding in New York' series is reviewed as part of Brattleboro Museum & Art Center's "Hot Pot" exhibition in 2013. 

Spiked | It's not all about human rights abuses February 28, 2012

Liu Bolin and Zhang Dali are featured in Spiked in an article about art and politics. 

The New York Times | Exploring Truth (and Fiction) Through a Camera Lens October 13, 2011

Critic Ken Johnson reviews a group photography show that includes the works of Zhang Dali. 

The New Yorker | New Photography at MoMA September 28, 2011

Zhang Dali's work is mentioned in this review of a photography show at MoMA New York. 

The Observer | MoMA Releases Names for Expanded ‘New Photography’ Show August 18, 2011

The Observer reports on Zhang Dali's inclusion in the MoMA photography group show, in their Culture section. 

Asian Cha | Demolition: Zhang Dali in Conversation (Artist Interview) July 1, 2011

An interview with Zhang Dali for the literary journal Cha. 

Bard blog | Patricia Karetzky reviews Zhang Dali April 13, 2011

Critic and Bard alumni Patricia Karetzy reviews Zhang Dali. 

ArtSlant India | Interview with Zhang Dali April 4, 2011

ArtSlant editor Sophia Powers interviews Zhang Dali. 

Sing Tao | Zhang Dali April 4, 2011

The Chinese-language newspaper features the work of Zhang Dali.

The Telegraph | Rencontres d'Arles 2010: Zhang Dali, review July 7, 2010

The Telegraph reviews Zhang Dali's show which exposes the workings of the great Chinese propaganda machine during the 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Le Monde | L'art et la maniere Saatchi July 9, 2010

A French-language article on the collection of Charles Saatchi and his Zhang Dali acquisition.

Leap | Review Zhang Dali: A Second History April 1, 2010
Checkout Art l Zhang Dali, Jiang Huan, Luo Qing & Zhao Kailin February 3, 2010

The Checkout Art blog reviews the opening of Chinese Contemporary Art, featuring Zhang Dali and Zhao Kailin (Klein Sun Gallery, 2010). 


Wall Street Journal | Chinese Propaganda Uncensored January 22, 2010

The Wall Street Journal speaks to the artist in light of his solo show "A Second History," in Beijing, China.

Asia Art Archive | Zhang Dali interview July 18, 2009

As part of their "Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990," Asia Art Archive interviews Zhang Dali in his studio. 

Sing Tao | Zhang Dali: Chasing Flames April 26, 2009
infzm | Zhang Dali refused to cold-bloodedMarch 23, 2009

Chinese news platform writes about Zhang Dali's beginnings as a graffiti artist. 

CNN | Zhang Dali Interview December 11, 2006

CNN's The Scene colum interviews Zhang Dali on his work and practice. 

Chicago Reader | Zhang Dali: A Second History July 6, 2006

Zhang Dali's Chicago show is listed as a critic's choice.