Divine Spark | Paper-busts in motion: When function follows form7/26/2022

Li Hongbo's interview with Divine Spark

The Straits Times | Rethink paper and labour at new shows at SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark6/1/2022

Li Hongbo's work is featured in The Straits Times Magazine. 

Business Insider India | 19 New Works Of Art That Have The World Buzzing12/23/2020

Li Hongbo is featured in Business Insider India as one of the New Works Of Art That Have The World Buzzing - "A Chinese Artist Had Done Something Incredible with Paper."

Design and Live | Pure White Paper by Li Hongbo09/13/2020

Li Hongbo featured on Design and Live

From Line to Culture Magazine | Life is as fragile as paperAugust 31, 2020

Li Hongbo's work is featured in From Line to Culture Magazine. 

CGTN | Paper art exhibition in Beijing pushes the envelopeJuly 16, 2020

CGTN features Li Hongbo's installation "Ocean of Flowers" in the exhibition "A Tribute to Tradition - The Exhibition of Contemporary Paper Art Works" at Today Art Museum, Beijing. 

Hadara Magazine | Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival in full bloom01/27/2020

Li Hongbo's solo exhibition is featured in Hadara Magazine. 

Arab News | Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival returns for its 22nd edition12/28/2019

Li Hongbo’s solo exhibition at Maraya Art Center is featured in Arab News. 

Gulf Today | Islamic Art Festival blooms like the mural of a spiritual garden12/27/2019

Li Hongbo's solo exhibition "Bloom" is featured in Gulf Today. 

Islamic Arts Magazine | Exhibitions at the Maraya Art Centre and Al Qasba12/12/2019

Li Hongbo's solo exhibition at Maraya Art Centre is featured in Islamic Arts Magazine. 

Architectural Digest Middle East | Li Hongbo to debut regional exhibition at Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival12/09/2019

Li Hongbo's solo exhibition in Sharjah is featured in Architectural Digest Middle East. 

Zwischenbetrachtung | “Ist das Papier oder kann das weg?” - Hongbos Papierskulpturen

Li Hongbo’s work is featured in Zwischenbetrachtung.

The Dallas Post | An exhibit with ‘a wow factor’
The Dallas Post | An exhibit with ‘a wow factor’01/17/2019

Emerging Dimensions: Works by Li Hongbo and Cai Dongdong is featured in an article by The Dallas Post. 

WNEP | Stretchable Sculptures: Chinese Paper Art Comes to Misericordia University01/17/2019

Li Hongbo's sculptures in Emerging Dimensions are featured in a news segment by WNEP. 

The Highlander | New Gallery Exhibit Challenges Perception02/09/2019

Li Hongbo and Cai Dongdong's exhibition Emerging Dimensions at Misericordia University is reviewed in The Highlander. 

malay mail online | Chinese artist hopes paper weapons will stir thoughts of peaaceJune 19, 2017

Chinese artist Li Hongbo hopes his paper sculptures of weapons — from AK-47 assault rifles to bullets and pistols — will inspire people to think about peace.

The Guardian | Best photos of the day: inquisitive coypus and paper artJune 16, 2017

The Guardian's "Best photos of the day" features Li Hongbo's "Ocean of Flowers" on exhibition at Eight One Art Museum in Beijing, China. 


Li Hongbo's installtion "Ocean of Flowers" is a commentary on gun control, currently showing a the Eight One Art Museum in Beijing, China. 

Gooding Sod-ouest | When the sculptures come to life at the Musée du PapierJune 3, 2017

The Paper Museum of Angoulême hosts the exhibition of the Beijing artist Li Hongbo, "when sculpture becomes creature", a first in France!

Culture Box | Li Hongbo's impressive paper sculptures exhibited in AngoulêmeMay 20, 2015

The Culturebox connects Li Hongbo's work to the rich history of paper making in Angoulême.

Asia Times | Art’s desire: Sovereign prize proves cutting edgeMay 15, 2017

Li Hongbo won this year’s accolades with his intricate, twisting and deceptive metal sculpture.

France info | Li Hongbo and his moving sculptures at the Paper MuseumMay 14, 2017

Eli Klein is interviewed by France TV Info about Li Hongbo's solo exhibtion "Quand la Sculpture devient Creature" at Musée du papier d'Angoulême, France.  

charente libre | Li Hongbo La Grande IllusionMay 13, 2017

French newspaper highlights Li Hongbo's solo exhibtion "Quand La Sculpture Devient Créature,". Musée du Papier, Angoulême, France.


Video and slideshow compilation of Li Hongbo's solo exhibtion at "Quand la Sculpture devient Creature," at Musée du papier d'Angoulême.

RCF Radio | L’invité de la rédaction - 11 mai 2017 à 07:00 Exposition de l'artiste Chinois Li HongboMay 11, 2017

French broadcasting radio interviews Florent Gaillard director at Musée du papier d'Angoulême about Li Hongbo's solo exhibtion of paper sculptures. 

art radar | Chinese artist Li Hongbo wins the 2017 Sovereign Asian Art PrizeMay 5, 2017

Beijing-based Li Hongbo explores the possibilities of materials through his paper and metal sculptures and installations.

artreviewasia | Li Hongbo awarded Sovereign Asia Art Prize 2017May 8, 2017

Li Hongbo, best known for his extending paper sculptures, has been announced as the winner of the 2017 Sovereign Asia Art Prize. 

Blouin Art info | Li Hongbo Wins 13th Annual Sovereign Asian Art PrizeMay 7, 2017

Li Hongbo has been announced the winner of the 13th annual Sovereign Asian Art Prize.

art asia pacific | LI HONGBO WINS SOVEREIGN ASIAN ART PRIZEMay 6, 2017

Li Hongbo wins the Sovereign Asian Art Prize with his entry work "Desire", 2014. 

my modern met | What makes good art? 12 Contemporary Artists Tell Us What it Takes to Make a Great Piece of ArtApril 24, 2017

This article features 12 contemporary artists including Li Hongbo and their answers for what it takes to make a great piece of art.

absolute art | The art of paper carving breaks your true impression of "paper"April 20, 2017

The fifth edition of magazine "Absolute Art" features Li Hongbo's paper sculptures.

Aufeminin | Li Hongbo's paper sculpturesApril 20, 2017

Aufeminin's short video features Li Hongbo's paper sculptures

gofeminin | Paper sculptures by Li Hongbo

The short video by goFeminin.de features Li Hongbo's paper sculptures

LaDbible | These moving sculptures are freaky but mesmerising!April 12, 2017

LaDbible's short video demonstrating Li Hongbo's paper sculpture busts. 

my modern met | 10 Avant-Garde Artists Whose Rainbow Art Installations Will Mesmerize YouApril 10, 2017

This article explores multicolored, rainbow site specific installations featuring Li Hongbo's work. 

Business Insider | People are freaking out over these paper sculpturesMarch 29, 2017

Business Insider art explores Li Hongbo's paper sculptures. 

Brave Folks | Paper the way you've never seen it beforeMarch 9, 2017

Arts and writing platform Brave Folks interviews Li Hongbo. 

Sunday Boston Globe | Deep Cuts: Contemporary Paper CuttingFebruary 26, 2017

Sunday Boston Globe's "Critics' Picks for the upcoming week" includes "Deep Cuts," featuring Li Hongbo. 

nbc new york | NYC Gallery's Mindboggling Bust Sculptures Stretch, TwistFebruary 24, 2017

NBC News features footage from Li Hongbo's solo exhibition "Tools of Study" (2014) on their evening edition.

buzzfeed News | Li HongboFebruary 19, 2017

Buzzfeed News video featuring Li Hongbo's busts made out of paper. 

REal clear life | Li Hongbo Makes Flexible, Marble-Like Sculptures Out of PaperFebruary 9, 2017

Realclearlife writes about Li Hongbo's inspirations for his paper busts. 

the F Codee | Li Hongbo: Paper never looked so aliveJanuary 19, 2017

Greek lifestyle magazine does a Q&A with Li Hongbo about his artist approach to paper

Funk Joint | Li Hongbo- art that moves youJanuary 12, 2017

Culture and entertainment platform "Funk Joint" paused to embrace Li Hongbo's kinetic sculpture at Art Basel 2016. 

Prestel | 13 Art Materials Children Should KnowJanuary 01, 2017

Children's publication "12 Art Materials Children Should Know" features Li Hongbo's paper sculptures. 

Miami Herald | Despite Zika and Trump, Art Basel boasts a strong showingDecember 5, 2016

Li Hongbo's "Apollo" featured in the Miami Herald article stating lower attendance at art Miami 2016, but still successful for Klein Sun Gallery. 

The Huffington Post | I liked Li Hongbo’s work at Art MiamiDecember 3, 2016

The Hufington Post's blog highlight Li Hongbo's "Apollo" at Art Miami 2016.

Miami Herald | Photo Gallery: Miami Art Week 2016 beginsNovember 29, 2016

Li Hongbo's sculpture "Apollo" demonstrated at Art Miami 2016. 

fubiz | The Spectacular Paper Sculptures of Li HongboAugust 19, 2016

Li Hongbo's installation "Irons for the Ages, Flowers for the Day," critics violence through paper guns. 

ARTISTIC ODYSSEY | Remarkable Paper Sculptures by Li HongboJuly 25, 2016

Artistic Odyssey features Li Hongbo as their "Artist Spotlight" 

Issue No. 206 | Li Hongbo July 4, 2016

Li Hongbo's work is featured in the online journal Issue No. 206.

Miami Herald | Family-friendly things to do June 13, 2016

Young At Art Museum's group show includes the works of Ji Zhou and Li Hongbo, which is mentioned here in this roundup of children's activities in Miami. 

Urban Contest | Statue Classiche June 13, 2016

Li Hongbo's works are featured in this online Italian journal. 

art report | Top 5 Booths At Art Paris Art FairApril 3, 2016

Art Report states Gao Rong and Li Hongbo as two of the top artists work to see at Art Paris. 

W Magazine | Who Won Armory Week on Instagram?March 6, 2017

W Magazine ranks Armory weeks best Instagram posts; including Li Hongbo's installaton at Art on Paper 2016. 

hyperallergic | At a Generally Flat Art on Paper Fair, Some Cutting WorksMarch 4, 2016

Hyperallergic reviews Art on Paper 2016, noting Li Hongbo's largescalle sculpture installation. 

Art Zealous | 5 Must-See Booths at Art on PaperMarch 4, 2017

Arts Media paltform highlights Li Hongbo's installation at Art on Paper 2016. 

Bedford and Broadway | Oh, Sheet: The 5 Coolest Things You’ll See at Art on PaperMarch 4, 2016

Bedford and Bowery reviews Li Hongbo's installation as one of the most interesting works at the 2016 Art on Paper Fair. 

Art Fix Daily I Art On Paper 2016 Will Include Large-Scale Installations February 22, 2016

Li Hongbo's large-scale installation work at Art On Paper is mentioned by Art Fix Daily. 

Artnet | Your Go-To Guide for Art Fairs During Armory Week 2016February 18, 2017

Artnet news lists Li Hongbo's installation at Art on Paper 2016 as a "Must-See". 

The Spectator I “Textbooks”: From Tools of Propaganda to Works of ArtFebruary 12, 2016

The Spectator writes about Li Hongbo's unique use of textbooks rather than their intended purposes. 

Columbia Spectator I Dragon Tales: The Hidden Stories of TextbooksFebruary 4, 2016

Columbia Spectator equates Li Hongbo's show "Textbooks" to the excitement of the first day of school. 

The Canberra Times | Gang-gang. Canberra's imagined Ferris wheel enhances city's skylineFebruary 4, 2016

The Canberra Times writes about the correlation of Canberra's Ferris wheel to Li Hongbo's sculptures of school children in his show "Textbooks" at Klein Sun gallery. 

Blouin Art info | Art on Paper Announces Gallery ParticipantsJanuary 22, 2016

Blouin Artinfo uses Li Hongbo's paper installation as their image for announcing the Art on Paper 2016 participants.  

Wall street International | Overreliance on the wordJanuary 20, 2016

Daniel Gauss reviews Li Hongbo's solo show "Textbooks" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

The Creators Project I Insta of the Week: Li Hongbo's Distorted Paper Bust January 8, 2016

The Creators Project looks at Li Hongbo's sculptures in motion. 

Design boom | li hongbo hand carves school children from textbooks at klein sun galleryJanuary 11, 2016

Design Boom reviews Li Hongbo's carved sculptures at Klein Sun gallery. 

Perrier | Perrier Loves Art: Textbooks by Li Hongbo at Klein Sun GalleryJanuary 15, 2016

Perrier Loves Art reviews Li Hongbo's exhibition "Textbooks" along with GIF's of his kinetic sculptures. 

Fashion Times I 5 Exhibitions You Don't Want To Miss In New York CityJanuary 14, 2016

Fashion Times mentions Li Hongbo's solo exhibition "Textbooks" as a must see. 

The Creators Project I Textbooks Get Twisted in a New Paper InstallationJanuary 13, 2016

The Creators Project reviews Li Hongbo's choice of medium and content in his solo show "Textbooks" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Sinovision English Channel | “THE SIMPLE LINE” AND “TEXTBOOKS”January 11, 2016

Sinovision English Channel interviews Li Hongbo about his solo exhibition "textbooks" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Lost in internet | Li Hongbo’s Latest Solo Exhibit Focuses on EducationJanuary 8, 2016

Li Hongbo's exhibition "Textbooks" is reviewed by Lost in Internet. 

Time Out New York I The 16 best exhibits we can’t wait to see in 2016 December 30, 2015

Time Out New York selects Li Hongbo's "Textbooks" as the first pick in its roundup of shows to see in 2016 - ahead of major institutional shows at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim, MoMa and the Whitney Museum of Art. 

Business Insider I This artist's sculptures will change the way you think about paper December 22, 2015
Juxtapoz I Paper Sculptures September 4, 2015

Juxtapoz reviews Li Hongbo's paper sculptures in his solo show at SCAD Museum of Art. 

My Modern Met I Dynamic Rainbow Installation Is Carefully Crafted from Hidden Shapes Addressing Gun Violence August 31, 2015

My Modern Met interviews Li Hongbo in light of his exhibition at SCAD Museum of Art. 

Bangalore Mirror I Passion with Paper August 29, 2015

Li Hongbo's participation at Art Bengaluru is reviewed in India's Bangalore Mirror. 

design boom | li hongbo examines the conflict of war + weapons with colorful paper gun accordionsAugust 26, 2015

Design Boom examines Li Hongbo's use of medium and content.

Savannah Morning News I SCAD Museum of Art presents large-scale installation by Beijing-based sculptor Li Hongbo August 26, 2015

Savannah Morning News releases news of "Irons for the Ages, Flowers for the Day," on view at SCAD Museum of Art. 

Creator's Project I The Rainbow Paper Flower Garden Taking on Gun Violence August 25, 2015

Creator's Project interviews Li Hongbo about his gun paper installations on view at SCAD Museum of Art. 

Visionaire I Li Hongbo's Irons for the Ages August 25, 2015

Li Hongbo's installation works at SCAD Museum of Art are reviewed in Visionaire. 

Junk Culture I Artist Li Hongbo Uses Concertinas August 24, 2015

Junk Culture reviews Li Hongbo's SCAD Museum of Art show. 

Times of India I Paper Will Live On August 22, 2015

An interview with Li Hongbo was published in Times of India print edition on Saturday, August 22, 2015. 

The Analect I Irons for the Ages, Flowers for the Day July 27, 2015

A photo essay of Li Hongbo's installation-in-progress at SCAD Museum of Art on The Analect blog. 

designboom I kid guy collective documents li hongbo's paper statues in motion February 26, 2014

A write up featuring Li Hongbo's sculptures. 

Creative Visual Art I Paper Sculptures from Li Hongbo February 10, 2014

A photo essay of Li Hongbo's paper sculptures. 

Industria Della Carta I Statue in Movimento September 1, 2014

Li Hongbo is featured in the print version of Italian magazine Industria Della Carta. 

CNN Style I Astonishing Sculptures June 29, 2014

A photo essay looking at Li Hongbo's paper sculpture technique. 

Design Boom | interview with paper sculptor li hongboMay 9, 2014

Design Boom interviews Li Hongbo. 

Dagens Industri Weekend I Flexibelt Format March 21, 2014

Li Hongbo is featured in the print version of Dagens Industri Weekend.

home & Style | Mind-Bending Paper Sculptures from Li HongboMarch 17, 2014

Home & Style writes about Li Hongo's solo exhibition "Tools of Study" at Klein Sun Gallery and upcoming projects.  

Yatzer I The Paper Statues of Li Hongbo...In Motion March 8, 2014

Yatzer recaps Kid Guy Collective's video of Li Hongbo's stretching sculptures. 

The Verge I Watch classical sculptures stretch and twist into paper Slinkys February 28, 2014

A short write up on the Kid Guy Collective video featuring Li Hongbo's works. 

Juxtapoz I Li Hongbo "Tools of Study" February 27, 2014

Juxtapoz releases news of "Tools of Study," Li Hongbo's solo show at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Slate I Sculptures That Are Literally Head-Expanding February 26, 2014

Slate's Phil Plait reviews Li Hongbo's sculptures. 

Co.design I These Classic Statues Stretch Like A Slinky February 26, 2014

The design website looks at Li Hongbo's sculptures in motion. 

Mashkulture I Statues in Motion February 26, 2014

Mashkulture reviews a Todd Martin video of Li Hongbo's works. 

High Snobiety I Paper Master Li Hongbo presents “Statues in Motion” February 26, 2014

A feature on Kid Guy Collective's 'Statues in Motion,' a short film featuring Li Hongbo's paper works. 

Colossal I Statues in Motion February 25, 2014

A feature on the Kid Guy Collective video of Li Hongbo's sculptures. 

Creator's Project I Li Hongbo's New, Stretching Paper Sculptures Look Even Better On Video February 25, 2014

Li Hongbo's stretchable sculptures are featured on Creator's Project. 

Sploid I Watch These Bendy Sculptures Morph and Mutate in GIF Form February 24, 2014

A video compilation of Li Hongbo's works. 

Twisted Sifter I The Mind Melting Paper Sculptures of Li Hongbo February 25, 2014

A feature on Kid Guy Collective's video of Li Hongbo's works. 

Strictly Paper I Li Hongbo Tools Of Study Solo Exhibition at Klein Sun Gallery February 19, 2014

A Strictly Paper writer visits Li Hongbo's solo exhibition at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Design Milk I Carving Paper February 19, 2014

Design Milk features the work of Li Hongbo in a photo essay. 

Yuanfang Magazine I Las cambiantes esculturas de papel de Li Hongbo February 13, 2014

Spanish language Chinese journal Yuangfang features the work of Li Hongbo. 

The Star I Li Hongbo, the artist with a thousand layers February 11, 2014

The Star interviews Li Hongbo in his studio in Beijing. 

Randian I Li Hongbo's Paper Dragons February 11, 2014

A review of Li Hongbo's solo show, "Tools of Study." 

Laughing Squid | Paper Head Sculptures February 10, 2014

A photo and video essay of Li Hongbo's solo show at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Modalita I Bust of David February 10, 2014

Italian blog Modalita features Li Hongbo's "Bust of David."

Business Insider I A Chinese Artist Has Done Something Incredible With Paper February 10, 2014

Business Insider showcases Li Hongbo's paper sculptures in a video feature. 

Daily Mail Online I Now That's A Stretch of Imagination! February 6, 2014

Popular UK newspaper The Daily Mail features Li Hongbo's work. 

Co.create I These Sculptures Look Totally Normal... February 5, 2014

A short piece on Li Hongbo's paper sculptures. 

Gizmodo: Sploid I You Can Stretch... February 5, 2014

Sploid compiles an array of Li Hongbo's images and videos. 

Trendhunter I Flexible Paper Sculptures February 3, 2014
This is Colossal I New Flexible Sculptures by Li Hongbo February 3, 2014

Li Hongbo's sculptures are featured. 

Wired I Le sculture di carta di Li Hongbo February 3, 2014

Wired Italy features the work of Li Hongbo at Art Miami, December 2013. 

Arrested Motion I Tools of Study January 31, 2014

Li Hongbo's solo exhibition "Tools of Study" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014) is featured. 

Japan Cinema Creative Spotlight: Li Hongbo January 31, 2014

Japan Cinema showcases Li Hongbo in their regular creative spotlight series. 

BBC Indonesia I Patung fleksibel dari blok kertas January 28, 2014

Indonesian BBC features Li Hongbo in a video segment.

CCTV I Artist Transforms Classical Art with Paper January 26, 2014

A video and text feature of Li Hongbo's paper sculptures. 

South China Morning Post | Art That's A Cut Above January 25, 2014

The South China Morning Post features Li Hongbo's work in a photo gallery. 

Hunger TV | Tools of Study January 24, 2014

A Q&A with Li Hongbo in light of his show "Tools of Study" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014). 

Reuters | Li Hongbo's paper sculptures stretch the imagination January 23, 2014

An interview with Li Hongbo. 

Spiegel Online | Kunst-Köpfe: Skulpturen mit Überraschungseffekt January 23, 2014

German journal Spiegel covers Li Hongbo in a video feature. 

France 2 | Les sculptures sur papier déroutantes de Li Hongbo January 23, 2014

France Tv Info goes behind the scenes at Li Hongbo's studio. 

The Guardian | Chinese sculptor stretches paper and imagination with his carvings January 23, 2014

The Guardian features Li Hongbo and his work. 

CNN Turk | Esnek heykeller şaşırtıyor January 23, 2014

A photo essay of Li Hongbo's work. 

BBC News | Paper sculptures amaze the eye in New York January 23, 2014

The BBC reports on Li Hongbo's "Tools of Study" show (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014).

Wall Street Journal | Reshaping the Meaning of Culture January 21, 2014

An article on Li Hongbo's "Tools of Study" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014) and his body of work. 

Luxury Culture | Tools of Study January 17, 2014

Luxury Culture features works from "Tools of Study" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014).

Hi-Fructose | Li Hongbo's 'Tools of Study' January 14, 2014

"Tools of Study" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014) is reviewed in the arts and culture online journal Hi-Fructose. 

Livin Cool Journal | Li Hongbo at Klein Sun Gallery January 12, 2014

Li Hongbo's exhibition "Tools of Study" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014) is featured in Livin Cool Journal. 

L'Oeil de Links | Li Hongbo May 7, 2013

A video of Li Hongbo on French site L'Oeil de Links.

China Daily | A Steamy Sampling of Chinese Art April 5, 2013

Zhang Dali, Cui Xiuwen, Li Hongbo's works are featured in the Brattelboro Museum & Art Center exhibition "Hot Pot", as reported by China Daily. 

colossal | Li Hongbo Explains His Flexible Paper SculpturesMarch 25, 2013

Colossal interviews Li Hongbo about his paper sculptures. 

Booooooom | Flexible Paper Sculptures March 22, 2013

A video of Li Hongbo's paper sculptures. 

Crane TV | Out of Paper March 18, 2013

Crane TV visits Li Hongbo's studio and interviews the artist on his practice in a special video documentary. 

El Hurgador | Li Hongbo [Escultura] March 11, 2013

A Spanish arts and culture blog features the work of Li Hongbo. 

Juxtapoz | More Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo March 8, 2013

The art and culture magazine reviews Li Hongbo's sculptures. 

China Daily | Reconceptualized Art June 5, 2012

The group show "Material – Object" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2012) is covered by China Daily. 

SinoVision | Gao Rong, Li Hongbo, Li Hongjun, Wang Lei, Wang Liwei, Ye Sen June 1, 2012

Li Hongbo's work in the group show "Material – Object" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2012) is discussed in a video segment. 

Design Boom | Flexible Honeycomb Paper Sculptures by Li Hongbo May 29, 2012

Li Hongbo's brown paper sculpture series is featured on Design Boom.