The New York Times | 5 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now07/29/2021

Chow Chun Fai's work at The Protest and the Recuperation, Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University was featured in the New York Times.

Columbia University | 'The Protest and The Recuperation', Artistic Perspectives on Protest and Resistance06/01/2021

Chow Chun Fai's works shown at The Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University

Milk Magazine | Interview with Chow Chun FaiSeptember 2020

Chow Chun-Fai discusses his "painting on movies" series and the significance of movies in his personal and professional life

Hong Kong Free Press | Scenes from Hong Kong pro-democracy protests come alive on Chow Chun-Fai's canvas05/30/2020

Chow Chun Fai's recent works on local social activities featured on Hong Kong Free Press


Chow Chun Fai's solo exhibition is featured in Art Asia Pacific


STANDNEWS | The Sigh That Coincides With The Classic Movie Series: On Chow Chun Fai's "Portraits from behind"03/31/2020

Chow Chun Fai's solo exhibition reviewed by Stand News Hong Kong

South China Morning Post | Hong Kong protest art: ‘dystopia’ of street violence captured in paintings taut with emotion03/14/2020

Chow Chun Fai’s exhibition features depictions of scenes from the recent protests in Hong Kong. 

Apple daily | Adversary Figure: Depicting the Back of the Contestant03/11/2020

Chow Chun Fai records the reality surreally through his works with more details.

Tatler HongKong | The Factory: How 6 Hong Kong Artists Transformed Industrial Buildings Into A Buzzing Creative Community03/10/2020

Chow Chun Fai's works transform the area from a manufacturing backwater into a buzzing creative community.

The Politic | Portrait of the Artist as Counterculture: Reconciling Art with Politics in China 12/30/2018

Chow Chun Fai is featured in the January, 2019 issue of The Politics, Yale University's monthly magazine.

Artomity | Editorial: Fall 201811/13/2018

Chow Chun Fai's solo exhibition is featured in Artomity's Fall 2018 Editorial. 

Flavorwire | Evocative Paintings of Frames from Modern Movie Classics11/12/2018

Flavorwire interviews Chow Chun Fai on his solo show at Eli Klein Gallery. 

Art Asia Pacific | Chow Chun Fai Review10/29/2018

Mimi Wong from Art Asia Pacific reviews Chow Chun Fai's solo exhibition at Eli Klein Gallery

SinoVision Journal | Chow Chun Fai's interview09/17/2018

Chow Chun Fai was interviewed by SinoVision English Channel on his latest solo exhibition at Eli Klein Gallery.

State of the Arts NYC | Interview with curator Savona Bailey-McClain09/14/2018

Chow Chun Fai was interviewed by curator Savona Bailey-McClain on State of the Arts NYC at BRIC Arts Media's studio in Brooklyn.

Beyond Chinatown | NYC Chinese Cultural Events and Art Exhibitions09/15/2018

Beyond Chinatown lists noteworthy cultural events and art exhibitions taking place this month. 

Artnet News | 45 Can’t-Miss Gallery Shows in New York This September08/30/2018

Chow Chun Fai's "Painting on Movies" series at Eli Klein Gallery is featured alongside a list of impressive gallery shows on view this fall. 

Hong Kong Tatler | 11 Gallerists Who Changed The Art Scene In Hong KongMarch 6, 2018

Chow Chun Fai is featured among other prominent Hong Kong-based artists and gallerists. 

LanKwaiFong | 5 Hong Kong Artists You Should Know Ahead of Art MonthFebruary 27, 2018

Chow Chun Fai is featured among other prominent Hong Kong-based artists. 

ARTOMITY 藝源 | Chow Chun FaiNovember 30, 2017

Artomity Magazine's Elliat Albrecht interviews Chow Chun Fai about his art and Chinese government. 

ARTnews | Habitat in Hong KongJuly 24, 2017

Katherine McMahon of ARTnews visits artist Chow Chun Fai in his studio in Hong Kong. 

The culture trip | 10 Contemporary Hong Kong Artists You Should KnowApril 26, 2017

Chow Chun Fai is featured alongside other prominent Hong Kong artists in the Culture Trip.

NY Times | As Hong Kong Ponders Its Future Under Beijing, Politics Infuses Its ArtMarch 30, 2017

Chow Chun Fai discusses his paintings in the New York Times story by Mike Ives

Medium | Ever-changing identity: Artist Chow Chun-fai and his works are always ‘something in between’
Medium | Ever-changing identity: Artist Chow Chun-fai and his works are always ‘something in between’November 5, 2016

Chow Chun Fai discusses the political, cultural, and artistic identities in which he aligns himself with. 

artnet | Editors’ Picks: 8 Art Events to See in New York This WeekOctober 25, 2016

Chow Chun Fai's solo exhibition "Everything Comes With an Expiry Date" at Klein Sun Gallery is chosen as one of Artnews"Editors’ Picks: 8 Art Events to See in New York This Week."

sinovision | At the same time you want to see Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung in New York?October 22, 2016

Chow Chun Fai hopes to expose the New York art world his eastern aesthetic through his solo show "Everything Comes With an Expiry Date," at Klein Sun Gallery. 

CoBo | Chow Chun Fai’s (A)political ArtMay 22, 2016

Chow Chun Fai adresses the perceived relation between his art and politics. 

South China morning post | Major auction houses focus on ‘undervalued’ Hong Kong artworks amid economic downturnFebruary 25, 2016

Chow Chun Fai is one of the artists showing at Sotheby’s gallery in Next Destination: Hong Kong, the auction house’s first showcase dedicated to contemporary artworks by homegrown artists. 

my art guides | An interview with Chow Chun FaiSeptember 15, 2015

My Art Guides has a Q&A with Chow Chun Fai. 

South China morning post | Artist Chow Chun-fai has a lot more than nothing to say in new showAugust 25, 2015

Chow Chun Fai's exhibit “I Have Nothing to Say” reflects his discern for the government and what is going on in Chinese politics. 

post-ism | Chow Chun-Fai – Artist, Hong KongApril 22, 2015

Post-ism visits Chow Chun Fai at his studio in the Fotanian art movement in Hong Kong.

art asia pacific | CITIZEN HK CHOW CHUN FAIDecember 1, 2014

Art Asia Pacific deems Chow Chun Fai a reputable artist in Hong Kong as well as an important representative and organizer in his community. 

TEDx Kowloon | Chow Chun Fai Oct 9, 2014

Chow Chun Fai talks about the contradiction between art and politics.

artforum | Space OdysseyMay 20, 2014

Artforum speaks to Chow Chun Fai at Hong Kong art Basel about the growth of the art scene in Hong Kong. 

The hong kong jockey club | Italian masterpiece Supper at Emmaus presented in Jockey Club-supported exhibitionMarch 11, 2014

Supper at Emmaus by Italian Baroque master Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio will be housed with work by Chow Chun Fai. 

post magazine | Let there be light: Will Caravaggio bring the Asia Society out of the shadows?March 8, 2014

Asia Society shows Caravaggio's Supper at Emmaus alongside Chow Chun Fai's depiction of the infamous painting.  


This International art magazine writes about Chow Chun Fai's political career as an artist. 

HK Magazine | Chow Chun-faiSeptember 13, 2012

HK Magazine interviews Chow Chun Fai. | Chow Chun Fai - Artist Profile June 27, 2011 visits Hong Kong artist Chow Chun Fai's Fo Tan studio for a look around at some of his most recent work and interviws him about his concerns with the current Hong Kong art scene.

Cnn Travel | Gallery: Inside the private art studios of Fo TanJanuary 15, 2010

CNN Travel explores artist run studios in Fo Tan.  

urbanphoto | A City on Screen and in PaintSeptember 10, 2009

Christopher DeWolf visits Chow Chun Fai at his studio and learns about his influences as a Hong Kong based artist. 

asian art news | the pivotal decadeDecember 1, 2008

Asian Art News writes about how Chow Chun Fai's use of appropriation and originality correlates with working out of Hong Kong. 

Time out hong kong | the art of givingOctober 22, 2016

Chow Chun Fai is in the running for the Sovereign Art Prize. 

Hong kong magazine | a brush with BeijingAugust 7, 2008

Hong Kong Magazine speaks with Chow Chun Fai about how his move from Hong Kong to Beijing has affected his identity as an artist.