Shi Jinsong
Born 1969 in Hubei, China. Lives and works in Wuhan and Beijing.



B.F.A., Sculpture Department, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Hubei, China



Wuhan 2022 — Shi Jinsong’s Solo Exhibition, Wuhan Art Museum, Wuhan, China    
Wind of Pines: Shi Jinsong’s Solo Exhibition, 33 Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou, China    
Slide Show: Shi Jinsong Solo Exhibition, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan, China    
The Food Scene, Shi Jinsong Art Work, Zhi Art Space, Wuhan, China

Shi Jinsong: Sky, How Art Museum, Shanghai

Grand Canal, Times Art Museum, Beijing
Shades of Gray 2012-2019, Art Museum of Hubei Provincial Academy of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China

Shi Jinsong Solo Exhibition, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan, China
All That is Solid Melts into Air: A Solo Exhibition by Shi Jinsong in Taipei, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei
Shi Jinsong: Speak Up, Gray, X Gallery, Beijing
Shi Jinsong: Third Reproduction, Whitebox Art Center, Beijing

Shi Jin-song: A Personal Design Show, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei; Space Station, Beijing

Shi Jinsong's Art Fair: Free Download, Klein Sun Gallery, New York

Shi Jinsong: Art Materials Company Owner's Garden, Phoenix Art Palace Center, Shanghai

Shi Jinsong: Scenes from an Unpredictable Theatre - Not the Ending, Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei
Shi Jinsong: Ite, Missa est, FEIZI Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Shi Jinsong: Scenes from an Unpredictable Theatre - Zero Insurrection, Chung Shan Creative Hub, Taipei
Shi Jinsong: Pavilion Garden, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei

Penetrate - New Works of Shi Jinsong, Today Art Museum, Beijing

Shi Jinsong: Jamsil, SOMA Art Museum, Seoul

Shi Jinsong: Take off the Armor's Mountain, Space Station, Beijing
Shi Jinsong: Huashan Project - Design Courses, Star Space, Shanghai
Shi Jinsong: Drama - Peach Blossom Prose, Shi Jinsong Studio, Beijing

Shi Jinsong: Huashan Project, T Space, Beijing
Fire His Breath, Jade His Bones: New Work by Shi Jinsong, Platform China, Beijing
Shi Jinsong: Ne Zha 2008: A Child's Boutique, Chambers Fine Art, New York
Shi Jinsong: Customize, Marella Gallery, Milan, Italy

Shi Jinsong: Blue Print - Long Wei International Elite School Spring Picnic, Marella Gallery, Beijing
Shi Jinsong: Design 2007 - Merry Christmas, Avanthay Contemporary, Zurich, Switzerland

Shi Jinsong: HALONG-KELLONG: New Products Launch Party, Platform China, Beijing
Shi Jinsong: Ne Zha Baby Boutique, Chambers Fine Art, New York




“Salt of Sugar” CCAM’s Urban Art Collection Exhibition, Chen Chen Art Museum, Wuhan, China       
POP ROCK An Exhibition About Rocks, Alisan Fine Art, Hong Kong

The Revival of Tradition, Song Art Museum, Beijing
Janus: ABHK Booth at MSAC, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei
Infinity Attitude, Guardian Art Center, Beijing
Heart Creation The Trendy Media and Form, Common Art Center, Beijing
Way Beyond, ECG Gallery, Beijing

Arts in Healthcare, Pauly Friedman Art Gallery, Misericordia University, Dallas, USA
Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2018, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
Roots of Clouds Adrift - Temporality: OCAT Nanjing Public Art Project 2019, Nanjing OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Nanjing, China
Zero: Tuff Contemporary Art Museum Opening Exhibition, Tuff Contemporary Art Museum, Chengdu, China
New Art History 2000-2018 - Chinese Contemporary Art,  Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan, Yinchuan, China
Chinese Whispers Recent Art From The Sigg Collection, MAK– Museum of Applied Arts.Vienna, Austria
Architectural Representation In Chinese Contemporary Art, One Thousand Museum & Eli Klein Gallery, Miami, US

The Road of Avant-garde: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanshan Museum, Shenzhen, China
Facing East - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition on "The 1960s," New Gallery of Art, Shanghai
Gathering of Masters - Lion Hill. The Summer Solstice Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition, Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China
None Stop, Poly Time Museum, Beijing
The Gift of Time, LU Art Center, Tianjin, China

Colors from China: An Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Art, Mossgreen-Webb's, New Zealand
The Temporary - China Indulged in Contemporary Art Exhibition, House of Phoenix, London
New Axis - 2017 Wuhan CBD Oceanwide International Sculpture Festival, Wuhan CBD Oceanwide, Wuhan, China
Landscape Situation - The 1st International Sculpture Exhibition, Beijing Pinggu Jinhaihu Tourist Resort, Beijing
Tracing the Past and Shaping the Future, Shanghai Powerlong Museum, Shanghai
Refocusing, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan, China
Fields of Communion - The 4th Shenzhen Public Sculpture Exhibition, Shenzhen Central Park, Shenzhen, China
Urban Nomadism: The Roof International Moving Image Exhibition, Liangzhu Museum, Hangzhou, China
Boundless Realities Multiple Now - Contemporary Art from Hubei as Sample, Wanlin Art Museum, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

Everyday Legend, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
Chinese Whispers: Recent Art from the Sigg and M+ Sigg Collections, Museum of Fine Arts Bern, Bern, Germany
Lantai, Reminiscence, Big House Contemporary Art Center, Wuhan, China
The New Sculpture Since the 21st Century of Exploration and Transformation, Big House Contemporary Art Center, Wuhan, China
Silk Road International - AMNUA International Project II, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China
Echo of Civilization - Crossing Dunhuang, Imperial Ancestral Temple Museum of Art, Beijing
Greater Taipei Biennial of Contemporary Arts: De-coincidence, National Taiwan University of Arts, New Taipei City, Taiwan
2016 Design Shanghai, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
Artificial Garden, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Heterogeneous Symbiosis - 2016 International Contemporary Art exhibition, Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China
Cold Light - The 1st Art Exhibition for Installation of Heifei, Anhui Contemporary Art Center, Hefei, China
Cotton 3 Tianjin Contemporary Public Art Project, Cotton 3 Creative Block, Tianjin, China
AAC Art Chinese Young Artist  Group Exhibition, Artron Art Center, Shenzhen, China
HISTORICODE: Scarcity & Supply - The 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival, Baijia Lake Art Museum, Nanjing, China
The 1st Hangzhouwan International Sculpture Art Exhibition, Hangzhouwan New Area, Ningbo, China 
Object, Mind, Society - The New Normal of Chinese Contemporary Art, Essence Contemporary Art Museum, Chongqing, China
2016 Chinese Short Film Festival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian National Art Gallery, Central Palace of Culture, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
City Rebirth - Shanghai Jing'an International Sculpture Project, Jing'an Sculpture Park, Shanghai
Summer Time, Mind Set Art Center, Taipei
Summer Selections, Eli Klein Gallery, New York

All the World's Futures: Creating Identities, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice
The New Form - 2015 Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennale Exhibition, Taiyuan Art Museum, Taiyuan, China
Rebirth of Immortality - Contemporary Art from China, Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim bei Wels, Austria
Past - Present, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Chinese Contemporary Literati Art, Asia Art Center, Beijing
The Revival of Tradition - Another Approach to Contemporary Chinese Art, Javits Convention Center, New York
CHINA-8 - Zeitgenössischer Kunst aus China an Rhein & Ruhr, Museum Folkwang, Dusseldorf, Germany
Post-tradition and Its Origins, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Civilization: Round III, Art Museum of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, Wuhan, China
Zeitgenössische Kunst aus China, Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim, Austria
Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary, Museum Angerlehner, Thalheim, Austria; Centre d'Art Contemporain Boris Bojnev, Forcalquier, France
A Beautiful New World - The 2nd Nanjing International Art Festival, Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China

Re-modernization: The 3rd Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China
Myth/History: Yuz Collection of Contemporary Art, Yuz Museum, Shanghai
Lesser Logic: Linguistic Encoding and Discursive Expression in Contemporary Art, Parkview Green Art Center, Beijing
Original Home - An Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Hongkun Museum of Fine Art, Beijing; Jia Pingwa Art and Culture Museum, Xi'an, China
Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing
New Sculptures - Sculptors from a Younger Generation, Hi Art Center, Beijing
ST. ART - International Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Ceramic Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Re-sculpture - 1 Sanguandian Art 2014, Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China
Orientation of Shape - Annual Exhibition of Fine Art College Shanghai University, Museum of Fine Art College of Shanghai University, Shanghai
Exhibition of China-France Art Park, China-France Art Park, Foshan, China
By the Name of Dailiness - Daily Discourse and Concept Creation in Contemporary Chinese Art, Blue Roof Museum, Chengdu, China
Yongjia Set - Resident Plan, HOW Art Museum, Wenzhou, China
Booster Art Sound Machine, MARTa Herford Art Museum, Herford, Germany

Research on Prototypes - The 8th International Ink Art Biennial of Shenzhen, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Landscape View, Food World Contemporary Art Museum, Beijing
Heiqiao Night Away, Heiqiao Art District, Beijing
Watermelon Peel: Summer Special Show, Fine Arts Literature Art Center, Wuhan, China
Confronting Anitya - Oriental Experience in Contemporary Art, La Biennale di Venezia, Venice
Design Shanghai 2013, Power Station of Art, Shanghai

The 9th Shanghai Biennale: Reactivation, Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Alles Unter Dem Himmel Gehört Allen - Chinese Public Art in Kassel, Kassel, Germany
Open Sky: An Exhibition of International Contemporary Art, Changjiang Convergence Contemporary Art Center, Chongqing, China
The Unseen - The Theme Exhibition of the 4th Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China
The 1st Xinjiang Biennale of Contemporary Art, Xinjiang International Expo Centre, Urumqi, China
Centennial of National Museum of China - Chinese Sculpture Works Exhibition, National Museum of China, Beijing
Taste of the East: Masterpieces of Chinese Contemporary Art, Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai
Art Frontier, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing

In the Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Tsinghua University, Beijing
XXX – Next 10 Years of Contemporary Art, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Start from the Horizon: Chinese Contemporary Sculpture from 1978, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing
I Believe That…, Songzhuang Art Center, Beijing
Retrieve - LAC-Mobile Museum Open Exhibition, LAC-Mobile Museum, Beijing
Guanxi (Relationships), Today Art Museum, Beijing; Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangdong, China
A First Life: Residency Project in Landscape, Xin Dong Cheng Space for Contemporary Art, Beijing

Credit Suisse: Today Art Award Finalists' Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Reshaping History: Chin-art from 2000 to 2009, China National Convention Center, Beijing
Art Asia Art Award Forum, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul
Asian Landmark – Toyota Art Project, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville, Seville, Spain
Go China – New World Order, Groninger Museum, Groningen, Holland
State of Things: Exhibition for the Contemporary Art Exchange between China and Belgium, National Art Museum of China, Beijing

State of Things: Exhibition for the Contemporary Art Exchange Between China and Belgium, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium
China - Contemporary Revival, Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy
City_net Asia 2009, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
The Tale of Angels, The Red Mansion Foundation, London
Warm Up, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
Chinese Gardens for Living, Old Palacio, Brussels, Belgium
Hey Market, Songzhuang Art Museum, Beijing
2009 Art Chongqing - Biennial of the Young, Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center, Chongqing, China
China Revisualized - the Banner of Urban Culture, Qujiang Contemporary Art Center, Xi'an, China

Christian Dior and Chinese Artists, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
New World Order: Contemporary Installation Art and Photography from China, Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands
Inter Electrode Horizon, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Re-Imagining Asia, House of the World's Cultures, Berlin

The 1st Today's Documents 2007 - Energy: Spirit, Body, Material, Today Art Museum, Beijing
OPEN 10: International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations, Venice Lido, Italy
TREE x 9, Today Art Museum, Beijing
TOP 10 China Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition: The Contemporary Road of Media and Tradition, Asia Art Center, Beijing
Floating: New Generation of Art in China, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

Hyper Design - The 6th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

The 2nd Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu, China
Shanghai Cool: Creative Reproduction A Summit of Asian Innovation, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
One Beginning Two Ends, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Edition 2: Young Chinese Contemporary Art, Hangart-7, Salzburg, Austria
Case Study: Five Contemporary Chinese Artists, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland

Alors, La Chine?, Center Pompidou, Paris
Artificial Respiration, Sanhe Art Center, Beijing
Open Sky, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai

Re-Shuffle, Shenzhen Sculpture Academy, Shenzhen, China

The 2nd Exhibition of Chinese Sculptors, Xihu Art Museum, Hangzhou, China
Big Torino 2000: Biennial of Emerging Artists, Torino, Italy

 The 2nd Annual Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China



2019 ART POWER 100 Artist of the Year

The 2nd Nanjing International Art Festival [shortlisted]

Asia Art Award Forum [nominated]
CREDIT SUISSE Today Art Award 2010 [shortlisted]

Wu Zuoren Art Award Young Artist Award
The 13th Award of Art China [nominated]



Baijia Lake Museum, Nanjing, China
Dubai Royal Collection, Dubai
Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris
Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands
Hubei Museum of Art, Wuhan, China
HOW Art Museum, Shanghai
Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture, Taipei
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles
M+ Museum, Uli Sigg Collection, Hong Kong
The Saatchi Collection, London
Taikoo Hui Group, Guangzhou, China
Today Art Museum, Beijing
United Bank of Switzerland Foundation, Zurich, Switzerland
White Rabbit Collection, Sydney
Yuz Museum, Shanghai