FotoFocus Biennial 2018 | Replace With Fine ArtOctober 4, 2018

Ren Hang is featured in FotoFocus Biennial 2018 exhibition "Replace With Fine Art" by Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Juxtapoz I Ren Hang's "Athen Love" Book Signing and Exhibition March 25, 2016

Juxtapoz promotes Ren Hang's book signing in light of his solo show "Athen Love" (Klein Sun Gallery 2016). 

i-D I ren hang's nsfw new show features beautiful nudes shot in athens March 21, 2016

i-D features works from "Athen Love" (Klein Sun Gallery 2016). 

Dazed Digital I Ren Hang shoots nudes and nature in Athens March 14, 2016

Ren Hang's exhibition "Athens Love" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2016) is featured in Dazed Digital. 

Daily METAL | Ren Hang March 10, 2016

Ren Hang's show 'Athen's Love' is reviewed in Daily METAL.

IDOL Magazine I Ren Hang's Curious World February 1, 2016

A photo essay of Ren Hang's works by IDOL Magazine. 

Nakid I Artist to Watch December 5, 2015

Ren Hang is featured in Nakid Magazine as the next artist to watch. 

Empty Kingdom I Ren Hang May 20, 2015

My Empty Kingdom features a photo essay of Ren Hang's works. 

American Suburb X I Ren Hang and the Production of the Hidden Idealized Body in China April 22, 2015

American Suburb X features a photo essay of Ren Hang's works. 

The Word Magazine I Ren Hang April 17, 2015

The Word features Ren Hang's first solo show is Europe. 

Adult I Chinese Photographer Captures the Suspicion of Sex March 27, 2015

A photo essay of Ren Hang's works. 

Format Magazine I Photographer Ren Hang wants you to take it all off March 10, 2015

A photo essay looking at Ren Hang's distinct style featured on Format Magazine. 

Dazed and Confused I Ren Hang on nature, nudity and censorship March 2, 2015

Dazed and Confused speaks with Ren Hang on the occasion of his show in New York. 

Time Out Shanghai I Ren Hang's controversial photography September 3, 2014

Time Out Shanghai covers Ren Hang's controversial photography. 

NOWNESS I Chinese Art Stripped Bare August 8, 2014

A photo essay by the online journal Nowness, of Ren Hang's works. 

Oyster I Gallery & Interview: Ren Hang's NSFW Photography August 5, 2014

An interview with Ren Hang. 

Beautiful Decay I Ren Hang Creates Raunchy Photographs With Attention To Detail May 15, 2014

Ren Hang's work is featured in Beautiful Decay. 

The Wild I RUDE BOYS - Ren Hang April 1, 2014

The Wild examines Ren Hang's work and his artistic expression.

Hot Gold Magazine I Ren Hang March 11, 2014

Hot 'N' Gold is fascinated by the work of Chinese photographer, Ren Hang!

Aint-Bad Magazine I Ren Hang February 6, 2014

A short piece on Ren Hang's photography.

Purple Magazine I Introducing the World of Ren Hang February 3, 2014

The Purple Magazine interviews Ren Hang about his art and practice. 

iGNANT I Ren Hang January 6, 2014

iGNANT features a photo essay of Ren Hang's works. 

Chasseur Magazine I Interview with Ren Hang January 4, 2014

Chasseur interviews photographer Ren Hang.

VICE I The Art of Taboo September 2, 2013

A Q&A with Ren Hang by VICE media. 

Lola Who I Ren Hang has no limits May 26, 2013

Ren Hang's provocative and controversial photographs are featured in Lola Who.

Bullet Media I Photographer Ren Hang is Exposing China's Youth May 20, 2013

Fiona Duncan from Bullet does a quick Q&A with Ren Hang.

Juxtapoz I Photographs by Ren Hang May 17, 2013

Ren Hang's photographs are featured on Juxtapoz Magazine. 

Visual News I China in Flux: Counter-Culture Photographer Ren Hang June 24, 2012

A short piece on Ren Hang. 

Lenscratch I China Week - Ren Hang January 11, 2014

Lenscratch shares a week of comtemporary Chinese photographers, featuring Ren Hang.