Lu Zhengyuan
Born 1982 in Dalian, China. Lives and works in Beijing.



M.A., Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

B.A., Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing



Simulacrum·Scene, Shanghai OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Shanghai

Relationship Reconstruction: Overlapped Portraits, Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Luo Zhongli Art Museum, Sichuan, China

The Jumble of Growth, Roma National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Roma, Italy
Lonely Temperature—Lu Zhengyuan Solo Exhibition, Yachang Art Center, Shenzhen, China
Scene—Lu Zhengyuan, Phoenix Art Center, 798 Art Center, Beijing
The Gift of Time—Lu Zhengyuan Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition, L+Mall, Tianjin, China        

Last in the Future—Lu Zhengyuan Solo Exhibition, Phoenix Art Museum, Wuxi, China
The Container of Time—Lu Zhengyuan Solo Exhibition, Angela Li Gallery, Hong Kong

Crossing The Ocean—Color Symbiosis, MAC Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Panama City, Panama; Galeria Nacional, San Jose, Costa Rica
The Fringe of Consciousness, Chini Gallery, Taipei

Oxymoron, Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taipei

Asian Art: Lu Zhengyuan, Long Museum, Shanghai
Art Asia Shanghai, Phoenix Art Center, Beijing
Encounter—Solo Show of Lu Zhengyuan, Phoenix Art Palace, Beijing

Superfluous Thing No.2: Lu Zhengyuan, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Ban Lan Pu, Phoenix Art Center, Beijing
Perpetual Motion—Lu Zhengyuan Solo Exhibition, Phoenix Art Palace, Shanghai
Infinite, Phoenix Art Center, Shanghai

Half-Truth, Eli Klein Fine Art, New York
Reflection—Lu Zhengyuan Solo Exhibition, White Box Museum of Art, Beijing

84 Days, 84 Works—Lu Zhengyuan, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Lu Zhengyuan Solo Exhibition, Primo Marella Gallery, Beijing
51m2: 10# Lu Zhengyuan, Taikang Space, Beijing  

Paradise, Eslite Gallery, Taipei



14th Edition of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Dakar China Pavilion, Museum of Black Civilizations, Dakar, Senegal

100% - East Lake International Ecological Sculpture Biennale, Hubei Art Museum, Wuhan, China
The Photography is Not What’s Important: Photographs From the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Laminated Time and Space, Kulangsu Center for Contemporary Art, Xiamen, China
Boundless Green - Kuei-Lin Art Festival, Kuei-Lin, China
Where Are We? Where is the Future? Arts Exhibition of Yong Artists’ Staying-in-Japan Arts Practice, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Virtue Through Aesthetics Education - Plastic Arts Legacies of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing
The Physical World III, Hi-Tower Art Gallery, Beijing
Art in Kung Fu - Tour Exhibition in Shandong, Shandong Art Education Center, CAFA, Shandong, China
Art in Kung Fu - Honoring the 20th Anniversary of the Foundation Program at the School of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Story of Time: Art Exhibition of Twenty-Four Solar Terms, Zunyi Municipality Art Museum, Guizhou, China
Art Beijing, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing

The 2nd Neo-Sublime Aesthetics Art Exhibition - The Moving Utopia Start and Return, 798 Art Center, Beijing
Story of Time: Art Exhibition of Twenty-Four Solar Terms, Big House Contemporary Art Center, Wuhan, China
Enlighten - The First Public Art Exhibition of OCT Jinan, OCT Jinan, Shandong, China
Hello, Future! Where are we? Arts Exhibition of Yong Artists’ Staying-in-Japan Arts Practice, Field Art Center, Beijing, China

14th Curitiba International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, Brazil
Apocalypse of Eschatology, Parkview Green Art, 798 Art Center, Beijing
The 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts, Silk Road International Cultural Exchange Center, Hebei, China
Undefined Future - 2019 Wuhan International Maker Art Festival, Wuhan, China
Breathing - The Academic Nomination Exhibition by Young Teachers from the Plastic Arts Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Dadu Art Center, Beijing
Multi-Dimensional - Invitational Exhibition of Artworks, Changchun, China
LiShui Hymn - Ancient Weir Painting Hometown Famous Artists Invitational Exhibition, Zhejiang, China
Axis of Time - Chinese Young Artists Aesthetic Education Alliance Anren Exhibition, Sichuan, China
Nap of the Earth Flight - 5th Studio Teaching and Research Exhibition of Sculpture Department of CAFA, Ceramic Art Avenue, CAFA, Jiangxi, China
Intergrowth - Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Louvre Furniture Mall, Guangzhou, China
A Confrontation of Ideals—The 2nd Anren Biennale, Anren OCT Creative Culture Park, Chengdu, China
Pal(ate)/ette, Shanghai Gallery of Art, Shanghai
Imprimatura, Langkong Art Museum, Beijing
Bao’an-Venue of the 8th Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture-Coordinates: THEATER, Qiaotou Community in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China

Oscillation - New Media Art Exhibition, 33 Contemporary Art Center, Guangzhou, China
Secret Garden - The First Guantang Art Season, Guantang Art District, Beijing
Extending Space - 2018 Dongguan Sculpture and Installation Art Festival, Dongguan, China
Difference - 2018 China Datong Sculpture Biennial, China Sculpture Museum, Shanxi, China
2018 Mingtai Annual Inviting Exhibition, Guardian Art Center, Beijing
Happiness, British Museum of Art and Sculpture, London
From the Canglang Pavilion, Suzhou Jinji Lake Art Museum, Suzhou, China
Infinite Ingenuity—Chinese Contemporary Art South American Tour Homecoming Exhibition, Art Bridge Gallery, Beijing
Breaking Through Barriers—Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Video Art, Guiyang 798 Art Center, Guiyang, China

Rendez-Vous: Young French & Chinese Art, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Forty Years of Sculpture, Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition, Shenzhen, China
BRIC-à-brac: The Jumble of Growth, Today Art Museum, Beijing
First China Urban Public Art Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Echo of Civilization, Taimiao Art Museum, Beijing
Nothing—China Contemporary Utensil Exhibition, Ceramic Art Avenue, Jingdezhen, China
OUTLIERS—Traversing a Time of Anxiety, White Box Art Center, Beijing
Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney Bondi Beach, Sydney        
Hutong Art, Beijing Design Week, Beijing
Infinite Ingenuity—Chinese Contemporary Art, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru, Peru
Empty Script, Chongqing College City, Chongqing, China
Also—Jewelry in Contemporary Art, Fashion Gallery, Beijing
Amusement Park—The 4th 798 Public Art Invitational Exhibition, 798 ArtDist, Beijing     

2017 On the Road—Young Media Artists in China, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Connection, Nantong City Central Museum, Nantong, China
The New Sculpture Since the 21st Century of Exploration and Transformation, Big House Contemporary Art Center, Wuhan, China
2016 Art Talk in Quanzhou, Returning and Fusion: The Second International Contemporary Ceramic Art Creation and Exhibition, Fujian Wanqi Art Center, Quanzhou, China
The Exhibition of Annual of Contemporary Art of China 2014, Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing
Light—New Media Art Festival, Huran Art Museum, Baojitaiyang, China
The Working of Non-Figurative System: Research Room (III), Right View Art Museum, Beijing
Art For Tomorrow—Art Park Public Art Exhibition, C8-D Universal Creative Park, Beijing
In The Light of Shadow, Xu Gallery, Shanghai
Guns and Roses, Kunstraum Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany

Observer—Creator, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
The 2nd “CAFAM Future” Exhibition—Observer-Creator: The Reality Representation of Chinese Young Art, 798 Art Factory, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts , Beijing
Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennial Exhibition, Taiyuan Art Museum, Taiyuan, China
TA Era, Times Art Museum, Beijing
Art Project 24: Naissance, Today Art Museum, Beijing
Critical Traditionalism—The 2nd “Ovation Star” Youth Exhibition and the Award Ceremony for Youth Support Plan, Beijing Ovation Art Development Exhibition Hall, Beijing 
Big Biennial—All The World's Futures, Big Space , Shanghai
An Anonymous Exhibition, Sheng Zhi Art Center, Beijing
Breaking the Image: Skin Tones, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing

New Sculptures—Sculptures from a Younger Generation, Hi Art Center, Beijing
Only For Existence, FM Art Space, Guangzhou, China
Inside-Outside, Eli Klein Gallery, New York
The Third Criticism Art Language, Times Art Museum, Beijing
Soft Abstraction as Constellation, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing
Containing Speech Not Spit: Transboundary Art Exhibition, Joy Palace, LEVI Art Pavilion, Beijing
The Second China International Forum on Installation Art, Long Museum, Shanghai
Phoenix Art Palace@Art Asia Shanghai 2014, Long Museum, Shanghai
Love Is Not Rare, Four Seasons Hotel, Beijing
New Generation of Abstract Art, Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing
No Boundary Code, Vintage Art Center, Beijing
On Description of Secretive World, Phoenix Art Place, Shanghai
The Ode to Youth, Nantong City Central Museum, Nantong, China

Central Academy of Fine Arts: Faculty Work Exhibition, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
On the Road 2013—Young Media Artists in China, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
Stripping—International Contemporary Glass Art Invitational Exhibition, White Box Museum, Beijing
Low Cost—Minds in Hands 5th, PIFO Gallery, Beijing
Datong International Sculpture Biennial, China Sculpture Institute, Datong, China
Looking at Each Other, Into the Depth of Each Other’s Souls—Lu Zhengyuan & Zhang Xinchuan, Eslite Gallery, Taipei
Art Stage Singapore, Sands Expo Convention Center, Singapore

Sculpt China, Central Academy of Fine Arts Sculpture Center, Beijing
Offset, Chinese Calligraphy Exhibition Center, National Art Museum of China, Beijing
Accidental Message: Art Is Not A System, Not A World—The 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, Shenzhen, China
Everything—The Sixth A+A, PIFO Gallery, Beijing
Cynical Resistance, Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul
View and Meditation, Nest Art Center, Chengdu, China
Reactivation—The 9th Shanghai International Biennial, Shanghai
Colored Sculptures, Fuzhou Art Museum, Fujian, China
2012 White Box ART & DESIGN 100, White Box Museum, Beijing
Young China Artists, Times Art Museum, Beijing
Back at One, Jing Yi Art Space, Beijing
Lesser Logic—Linguistic Coding and Discursive Expression in Contemporary Art, Parkview Green Gallery, Beijing
Magnanimity—Collection of Atypical Works by 21 Chinese Artists, White Box Art Center, Beijing

Ten Years, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
New Perspective: Chinese Contemporary Art in Portugal, Museu Fundação Oriente, Lisbon, Portugal
Start from the Horizon—Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Since 1978, Sishang Art Museum, Beijing
Youth Art 100 Travelling Exhibition, Ditan Park, Beijing [itinerary: Jinhan Exhibition Center, Guangzhou, China; Sculpture Space, Shanghai]
Seven Ways—The Making and Distorting of Images, O2 Arts, Times Art Museum, Beijing
Save Amateurism: Experimental Art Exhibition, Zajia Lab, Beijing
Christmas义乌(Eve)—A Carnival of Tiny Things in 2012, White Box Museum, Beijing
Art Nova 100 (Shanghai), Shanghai Sculpture Space, Shanghai
Not Only A Taoist Troublemaker!, Zajia Lab, Beijing
Endless Variations, Belger Crane Yard Studios, Beijing
Art Moving Forward: Contemporary Young Artist Exhibition, Pushang Museum, Taiyuan, China
Gallery Hotel Art Project, Rui Ju Hotel, Beijing
A Play, Jing Yi Art Space, Beijing
Extract—The 3rd Stall Keeper Show, C5 Art, Beijing
The Shape and Dimension of Thinking, Hanmo Art Gallery, Beijing
You Are Not A Gadget, Pekin Fine Arts, Beijing
51m2: No.16 Emerging Chinese Artists, Taikang Space, Beijing

The Possibility of Uncertainty, Songzhuang Art Gallery, Beijing
The Big Bang, White Rabbit Collection, Sydney
You Say that the Furthest Drift in this City is to Pass by People One after Another Constantly, Nantong Central Art Museum, Nantong, China
Conception as Enzyme, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China
Wasabi YCA: An Exhibition of Young Contemporary Artist, Li Space, Beijing
Get it Louder: Sharism, Sanlitun SOHO, Beijing
DISCOVERIES: Re-Value@ShContemporary 2010 Shanghai Art Fair International Contemporary Art  Exhibition, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai
Sculpture, A4 Contemporary Arts Center, Chengdu, China
Little Step Forward, 798 Originality Square Metal Warehouse, Beijing
Object, Non-object, Michael Schultz Gallery, Beijing
Art Beijing x Think Blue—Volkswagen Public Art Exhibition, Sanlitun Village, Beijing

The Start of a Long Journey: Excellent Graduation works from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Art Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
Sculpt. Mold, Gallery 1949, Beijing
Re-Experimentation: A Reaffirmation of Will and Enlightenment—Young Artists Promotional Exhibition, 798 Originality Square Metal Warehouse, Beijing
Poetic Daily—Chinese Young Artists Group Exhibition, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing
Work in Progress: How Do Artists Work?, Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing        

How Far From Art, Our Space, Beijing
Self-Experience: Young Artists Group Show, Platform China, Beijing
The Game is Not Over, Arario Gallery, Beijing

Contemporary Artist Group Show, 798 Gongque Gallery, Beijing



TomorrowLand Fashion Awards
Linkong International Sculpture Awards 

China National Arts Fund
Ovation Star Awards
Award of Art China

Chinese Contemporary Art Golden Palm Awards


White Rabbit Collection, Sydney