Korea JoongAng Daily in association with The New York Time | Seoul Mediacity Biennale Balances Sociopolitical Issues with HumorSeptember 23, 2021

 Li Liao’s three-channel video “Unaware 2020” at the Seoul Mediacity Biennale, the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) was featured in Korea JoongAng Daily in association with the New York Time.

shanghai daily | ‘Unwinnable Game’ is a real winnerApril 1, 2017

Li Liao's performance "Unwinnable game" at the Shanghai chi K11 Museum expands upon artificial intelligence, social media and gaming in current society. 

art hub asia | LI LIAO 3-PART VIDEO COMPILATIONOctober 21, 2016

Art Hub Asia introduces Li Liao's video work. 

The Art Newspaper | Hard lives of China’s internal migrants inspire its artists June 13, 2016

The Art Newspaper looks at China's internal migration movements and how that affects the work artists produce. 

Forbes | From Working With North Koreans To Spying On Apple, How Far Will These Four Asian Artists Go?March 23, 2016

Forbes magazine writes about the significance of Li Liao's "Hacked" performance as a Chinese artist. 

Frieze | Critic’s Guide: BeijingMarch 17, 2016

Frieze Contributing editor Carol Yinghua Lu rounds up the best shows in Beijing.

Time out | Qatar China Year of Culture 2016February 1, 2016

Li Liao is recognized as one of the few most eclectic and diverse artist of 2016 in China. 

Flaunt Magazine | Li Liao December 10, 2015

Flaunt Magazine reviews Li Liao's work for their Miami Basel 2015 edition. 

Randian | An Unending Battle December 10, 2015

Critic Iona Whittaker reviews Li Liao's solo show in Issue 2 of Randian Magazine. 

Artsy | Li Liao’s Latest Solo Show Throws Gallery-Goers into a Boxing Ring November 5, 2015

Artsy reviews Li Liao's performance piece and solo show in Klein Sun Gallery.

Beyond Chinatown | Li Liao: About the Human Condition October 28, 2015

Beyond Chinatown interviews Li Liao in light of his solo show at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Artforum | 李燎:严禁从背后袭击拳手 October 27, 2015

Li Liao's solo show at Klein Sun Gallery is reviewed in Artforum China. 


Whitewall Magazine reviews the solo show "Attacking the Boxer from Behind is Forbidden."

The Creator's Project | [Exclusive] A Trained Boxer Challenges Viewers in an Art Gallery October 21, 2015

The VICE vertical reviews Li Liao's solo show at the Gallery. 

Artnet I 5 Chinese Artists Every Collector Should Own September 2, 2015

Li Liao is listed as one of the top five Chinese artists that every collector should own.  

BOMB Magazine I Skinscreen: Art and Poetry at the New Museum’s Surround Audience September, 2015

Li Liao's 'Consumption' is reviewed in Alan Gilbert's writeup of The New Museum Triennial in the Fall issue of BOMB magazine. 

Harber's art Review | Old Ways and New MediaMay 24, 2015

Art critic John Harber reviews Li Liao's work in "Surround Audience" at the New Museum. 

Artnet I 10 Exceptional Millennial Artists to Watch May 20, 2015

Artnet listed Li Liao as one of the 10 up-and-coming artists born after 1980 in this roundup.

Art Observed I The New Museum Triennial March 3, 2015

Li Liao's 'Consumption' is reviewed as part of a review on the New Museum Triennial in 2015. 

alphaville | CONSUMPTION BY LI LIAOMarch 01, 2015

London Blog dedictaed to arts and culture reviews Li Liao's performance piece "Comsumption." 

The New York Times I Review: New Museum Triennial Casts a Wary Eye on the Future February 26, 2015

Esteemed art critic Holland Cotter reviews the 2015 iteration of the New Museum Triennial, selecting Li Liao's 'Consumption' as a highlight. 

Bloomberg Business I The 10 Most Interesting Works From the New Museum’s Triennial February 26, 2015

Bloomberg Business picks Li Liao's 'Consumption' as one out of the ten pieces that are a must-see at the New Museum's Triennial in 2015. 

The New York Times I China’s Edgy Video Art May 15, 2014

Curator and multimedia artist Li Zhenhua speaks to The New York Times about new media art in China, mentioning Li Liao as an activist documentarian. 

Arte Fuse | Simple Life is Interesting! (A Group Show at Klein Sun Gallery) April 8, 2014

Arte Fuse introduces Li Liao, Liu Chuang, No Survivors and Yan Xinguang for their group exhibition "Simple Life Is Interesting!" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014). 

Art In America: The Lookout "Simple Life Is Interesting!" April 4, 2014

"Simple Life Is Interesting" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014) is featured in Art In America.

Artsy | Contemporary Chinese Artists Highlight the Complexities of Simple Life April 1, 2014

Artsy features Li Liao, Liu Chuang, Pak Sheung Chuen, Yan Xinguang and No Surivor's works in their group show, "Simple Life Is Interesting!" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014).

Leap Magazine I Hugo Boss Asia Art Award January 27, 2014

Leap Magazine writes about the inaugural Hugo Boss Asia Art Award show in the Rockbund Museum, Shanghai, which features Li Liao's work.

yayoishionoiri | Chinese artists and their politics: Hugo Boss Asia Art at Rockbund Art MuseumJanuary 12, 2014

Japanese art blog reviews Li Liao's piece "Art is a Vacuum."

Time out Beijing | Exhibition of the month: White SpaceNovember 4, 2013

Shared space exhibition by artists' Li Liao and Gao Lei is reviewed by Time Out as a must see. 

CAFA art info | A SLAP (WUHAN): Li Liao Solo ExhibitionMarch 26, 2013

Cafa Art News explains Li Liao's performance piece "A Slap."

Blouin artinfo | Q&A: The New Yorker’s Evan Osnos on Li Liao, Investigative Journalism, and Chinese ArtFebruary 1, 2013

The New Yorkers China Corespondent Evan Osnos speaks about Li Liao and his relationship with investigative art. 

Hyperallergic I Chinese Artist Goes Undercover at Foxconn … to Buy an iPad January 22, 2013

Li Liao's 'Consumption' is dissected on the arts and culture blog. 

The New Yorker I What is an iPad doing on a pedestal at a museum? January 18, 2013

National Book Award winner Evan Osnos interviews Li Liao about his piece 'Consumption' for The New Yorker. 

Leap Magazine | The Things They Are A-Changing March 26, 2012

Leap Magazine reviews Li Liao's solo show in Wuhan, China.