Asian Art News |  Outsider and Insider
Asian Art News | Outsider and Insider April 14, 2016

Robert Morgan reviews the shows by Zhong Biao and Cai Dongdong, on concurrently at the Gallery.

China Avant Garde I The Other Shore at Klein Sun Gallery February 27, 2016

China Avant Garde reviews Zhong Biao's solo show at Klein Sun Gallery. 


Whitewall Magazine reviews the solo Cai Dongdong and Zhong Biao shows. 


White Wall Magazine | More Than Meets the Eye February 24, 2016

White Wall Magazine releases news of "The Other Shore," Zhong Biao's show at Klein Sun Gallery.

Art in America I Zhong Biao February 22, 2016

Critic Richard Vine reviews Zhong Biao's solo show "The Other Shore" (2016). 

The Creators Project I Unravel the Fabric of Space-Time in These Collage-Like Paintings February 22, 2016

The Creators Project featured Zhong Biao's solo exhibition "The Other Shore" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Harper's Bazaar ART China I Artist Profile February 19, 2016

Zhong Biao is featured in light of his solo exhibition "The Other Shore" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Hi-Fructose I Zhong Biao February 18, 2016

Hi-Fructose's blog features the work of Zhong Biao. 

Art in the HeArt of Summer I The Universe of Unreality October 7, 2013

Independent art blog Art in the HeArt of Summer reviews Zhong Biao's Venice Biennale solo show.

Takungpoa | Zhong Biao: to draw this mess in the world
Takungpoa | Zhong Biao: to draw this mess in the worldAugust 19, 2013

Chinese news platform Takungpoa reviews Zhong Biao's exhibition in Venice.

Global Times I Cosmic Connections August 19, 2013

Global Times reviews Zhong Biao's "University of Unreality" solo exhibition at Venice Biennale.

Art in America I A Chinese Biennale July 3, 2013

Critic Richard Vine reviews the Venice Biennale in 2013, where Zhong Biao presented a solo exhibition. 

Takungpoa | Zhong Biao: Universe planted FlyerJune 26, 2013

Chinese news platform Takungpoa writes about Zhong Biao's unique exhibition inside of a church in Venice. 

CAFA Art Info I Zhong Biao’s Visions 2013 to be present in Venice May 6, 2013

CAFA releases news of Zhong Biao's commissioned exhibition for the Venice Biennale. 

China Daily Asia I Global Presence March 31, 2013

The presence of Chinese artists at the 55th Venice Biennale is commented on by China Daily Asia.

Empty Kingdom I Zhong Biao March 16, 2012

Empty Kingdom reviews Zhong Biao's paintings. 

Brooklyn Rail I Signs of Sex Within a Sexless (Phantasmagorical) Void June 3, 2010

Art critic Robert C Morgan reviews the art scene in Shanghai, mentioning Zhong Biao's solo show. 

My Modern Met I Awesome Contemporary Chinese Art August 26, 2009

My Modern Met features a photo essay of Zhong Biao's paintings.