The Brooklyn Rail | Alienation?

"Alienation?" is featured in The Brooklyn Rail. 

Vice | Tea Time with Big Brother June 15, 2015

Arvind Dilawar interviews Wu Yuren ahead of his solo show "On Parole," 2015. 






Complex | 近15年最俱政治影響力的50件藝術作品 July 3, 2013

吴玉仁的作品火星计划被挑选为 Complex 近15年50件最具政治性的作品之一。

Art Etc | Protest Art in China April 1, 2012

Nalini S Malaviya discusses the freedom of speech and creativity in China, citing Wu Yuren and his work. 

artslant | NATURE CALLSDecember 4, 2011

ArtSlant reviews Wu Yuren and Liang Ban group exhibition "Not Only A Taoist Troublemaker!"

Hyperallergic | Chinese Art Activist Returns to Ruins of Bulldozed Arts District August 11, 2011

Art critic An Xiao publishes images and commentary by Wu Yuren upon his release on parole from jail, in 2011. 

The Guardian | Chinese dissident Wu Yuren faces 'fake' charge of assaulting police January 28, 2011

The Guardian reports on Wu Yuren's arrest charges on the basis of his political activism and alleged assault in Beijing, China. 

NPR | In China, A Jailed Artist's Kafkaesque Journey December 12, 2010

In a National Public Radio special, Wu Yuren's arrest is reported as being protested against by artists such as Ai Weiwei and Gao Qiang. 

New York Times | Activist Artist Goes on Trial in Beijing November 17, 2010

The New York Times reports on the court trial surrounding a protest instigated by Wu Yuren and fellow artists in Beijing, China. 

HK Magazine | Upclose with Wu Yuren June 24, 2010

The artist is interviewed for HK Magazine ahead of a solo show in Hong Kong. 

The New Yorker | Little Ai July 12, 2010

National Book Award winner Evan Osnos writes on Wu Yuren's increasing conflicts with political parties in China. 

New York Times | Evicted Artists Protest After Attack in Beijing February 23, 2010

The New York Times reports on the protest – which Wu Yuren took part in – as a reponse to eviction of artists from their studios and homes in Beijing, China. 

Chicago Tribune | Artistic Revolution Emerges in China June 5, 2005

Wu Yuren's politically engaged performance art is covered in a feature about China's art movements.