The Artsy Vanguard | Artsy09/16/2019

Geng Xue is included in The Artsy Vanguard, Artsy’s annual feature spotlighting the 50 artists who are shaping the future of contemporary art.

Hi-Fructose | The Ceramic Creations of Geng Xue08/31/2019

Geng Xue's ceramic works are featured in Hi-Fructose. 

Ceramics Art and Perception | Geng Xue's Sensuous Worlds in Porcelain and Clay
Ceramics Art and Perception | Geng Xue's Sensuous Worlds in Porcelain and Clay

Geng Xue's porcelain and ceramic works are featured in Ceramics Art and Perception.

Artnet News | On View ‘Only Soft Power Can Last’: How China’s Unusually Low-Key Venice Biennale Pavilion Fits Into Its Strategy for Global Influence

The work of Geng Xue and the artists exhibiting at the Venice Bienalle's China Pavillion are reviewed on Artnet News. 

Mascara Literary Review | Geng Xue June, 2018

Geng Xue's work Borrowing an Easterly Wind No. 5 is featured as the cover image for the June 2018 issue of the Mascara Literary Review

Sinovison | GENG XUE: MOUNT SUMERUJune 2, 2017

Sinovision interviews gallery associate Phil Cai about Geng Xue's solo exhibtion "Mount Sumeru".

beyond chinatown | Enduring but Fragile Coexistence in Geng Xue’s ‘Mount Sumeru’

Writer Andrew Shiue reviews Geng Xue's solo exhibition "Mount Sumeru" as "a cross between surrealist art and Chinese painting."

art radar | Exploring Buddhist cosmology in ceramics: China’s Geng Xue – artist profileMay 29, 2017

Art Radar reviews Geng Xue's solo exhibition at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Artnet | Featured Galleries 'Chinese Art'
Artnet | Featured Galleries 'Chinese Art'May 25, 2017

Artnet highlights Geng Xue's solo exhibition "Mount Sumeru" on their Featured Galleries page under 'Chinese Art'. 

Les Femmes Folles | GENG XUE, ARTISTMay 13, 2017

Les Femmes Folles interviews Geng Xue about her solo exhibtion "Mount Sumeru" at Klein Sun Gallery.  

art fuse | Geng Xue: Mount Sumeru at the Klein Sun GalleryMay 12, 2017

Art Fuse dissects Geng Xue's "Mount Sumeru" and her use of human body parts and sound installation to represent physical and spiritual elements. 

Blouin Art info | Geng Xue at Klein Sun Gallery, New YorkMay 9, 2017

Blouin Artinfo features Geng Xue's solo exhibition "Mount Sumeru" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

artnet news | Beyond the Fairs: Your Go-to Guide to Openings and Events During Frieze Week 2017April 30, 2017

artnet News includes Geng Xue's solo exhibition, "Mount Sumeru" in their go-to guide for Frieze Week.

cafa art info | Klein Sun Gallery announces “Mount Sumeru”: Geng Xue’s first solo exhibition in AmericaApril 28, 2017

CAFA Art Info features Geng Xue's solo exhibition, "Mount Sumeru".

Artsy | These 20 Artists Are Shaping the Future of CeramicsFebruary 23, 2017

Artsy's list of 20 influential ceramicists in the the art world, naming Geng Xue as one of them.  

Blouin art info | 28 Chinese Women Artists Reveal the 'Fire Within' at Broad MSUAugust 8, 2016

Blouin Art Info asks "Is the art world a boy’s club?"

Artron | The First Young Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennale July 3, 2016

Geng Xue is nominated in the The First Young Contemporary Ceramic Art Biennale. 

Global Times | Animation and spatial relationsMay 17, 2016

Global Times reviews Geng Xue's animated short "Mr. Sea" at MoCA Shanghai. 

Yibada | Realistic ArtworksMarch 28, 2016

Yibada Media explores Geng Xue's sculptures.

News Guangdong | Chinese artist receives Sino-French awardMarch 22, 2016

Geng Xue is awarded the Sino-French art honor award. 


Austrailia based blog lists group show including Geng Xue as a must see. 

Cafa art info | “Poetics of the Body – The Sculpture & Video Art of Geng Xue” was unveiled in GuangzhouJanuary 12, 2016

Cafa Art Info examines Geng Xue's short film 'Mr. Sea" and sculpture "Big Woman" from her solo show in China. 

smart shanghai | 2015: BEST & WORST ARTDecember 22, 2015

Geng Xue's film "Mr. Sea" is listed as one of the best works in Shanghai.

China Daily | Contemporary Chinese artwork featured at Expo ChicagoSeptember 9, 2015

China Daily interviews Geng Xue at Art Expo Chicago. 

wall street international | Neo-PerceptionAugust 31, 2015

Geng Xue exhibits among 23 other young Chinese artists at Pearl Lam Galleries in China. 

Les Femmes Folles I Geng Xue and Ying Zhu August 30, 2015

The Nebraska based arts and criticism blog feature Ying Zhu and Geng Xue in light of their respective solo shows at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Artsy I Two Chinese Artists Search for Identity in Rural Massachusetts August 28, 2015

Artsy visits Klein Sun Gallery and reviews the duo shows of Geng Xue and Ying Zhu.

Wall Street International I Borrowing an Easterly Wind and Live Like an Astronaut August 13, 201508/13/2015

"Borrowing an Easterly Wind" and "Live Like an Astronaut" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015) is part of the 'Art' section of Wall Street International.

SinoVision I Geng Xue & Ying Zhu: Astronauts On An Easterly Wind August 13, 2015

SinoVision Journal reporter Lani Nelson brings you the story of Geng Xue and Ying Zhu's opening reception (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015).

Art of the Times I Klein Sun Gallery Presents Live Like an Astronaut & Borrowing an Easterly Wind August 13, 201508/13/2015

Art of the Times writes about Geng Xue and Ying Zhu's exhibition (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015). 

The Examiner I Artists present work inspired by residency in rural Massachusetts August 13, 2015

Alison Martin from the Examiner reviews Geng Xue, "Borrowing An Easterly Wind" and Ying Zhu, "Live Like an Astronaut" exhibition (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015).

the analect | Interview: Geng Xue, Part IAugust 11, 2015

Rick Widmer of the Analect interviews Geng Xue. 


Geng Xue's film "Mr. Sea" is reviewed by Art Asia Pacific.

Shanghai today | Porcelain gets a scary makeoverMarch 20, 2015

Shanghai Today interviews Geng Xue about her artistic process and love of porcelain. 

Yibada I porcelain animation piques Chinese art and film enthusiastJanuary 28, 2015

Geng Xue's porcelain themed film "Mr. Sea" is critiqued by Yibada Media.

Women of China I Uncovering the Mystery behind the Animation of 'Mr. Sea'January 15, 2015

Blog dedicated to Chinese women's art and culture reviews Geng Xue's "Mr. Sea."

Cool Hunting I Xue Geng's Stop motion film "Mr. Sea"June 11, 2014

Award winning blog dedicated to finding the latest design, art and technology writes about Geng Xue's interest in film and porcelain.