Museum Week Magazine | Shen Shaomin Interview08/07/2020

Museum Week Magazine | 5 Questions to the Artist Shen Shaomin

OneTv | Shen Shaomin

For OneTV, Chen Jian interviews Shen Shaomin about his works, ideals, love and freedom.

Blouin Art info | Shen Shaomin at Klein Sun Gallery

Blouin Art info features Shen Shaomin's solo exhibition, "Keep Upright"

Where theres walls | Shen Shaomin - 'Keep Upright' at Klein Sun Gallery

Artist, collector and blogger platform explores Shen Shaomin's solo exhibtion "Keep Upright" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

Yi Zhong | Museum Beelden aan Zee: Body and Soul Zhang Dali's retrospectiveApril 9, 2017

An interview with curator Cees Hendrikse about Zhang Dali's upcoming retrospective “Body and Soul,” Museum Beelden aan Zee, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

hyperallergic | Mao, Lenin, Thatcher, and Other Leaders Haunt Art Basel Hong Kong

Hyperallergic questions how Shen Shaomin's work "Summit" created in 2009 realtes to todays global affairs at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017. 

the new york times | Navigating the Fair: Highlights of Art Basel Hong KongMarch 22, 2017

The New York Times​ highlights Shen Shaomin​'s "Summit" installed in the “Encounters” sector at Art Basel​, Hong Kong, which examines the politics of time. 

the new times | At Asia’s Hottest Art Fair, Taking Selfies With a Mao ‘Corpse’March 22, 2017

Selfie galore with Shen Shaomin's work "Summit" depiciting the corpses of famous dictators at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017. 

artnet news | See the 10 Most Impressive Works at Art Basel Hong KongMarch 21, 2017

Artnet news features Shen Shaomin's installation "Summit" as one of the 10 most impressive works at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017.

We heart | Chinese conceptualist Shen Shaomin unpacks the art world at paradoxical New York gallery exhibition...March 17, 2017

We Heart reviews Shen Shaomin's solo show "Keep Upright" and Shaomin's examines how his works "are a reminder that art is incapable of escaping its past."

Designboom | shen shaomin tricks the eye with faux-bubble wrapped masterpiecesMarch 14, 2016

Designboom reviews Shen Shaomin's solo show "Keep Upright" at Klein Sun Gallery. 

life style asia | 10 artists to know at Art Basel Hong Kong 2017March 10, 2017

Shen Shaomin is listes as on of the top 10 artists to know at Art Basel Hong Kong. 

art radar | On the value of art: Chinese artist Shen Shaomin at Klein Sun Gallery, New York – in picturesMarch 8, 2017

Art Radar reviews Shen Shaomin's solo exhibition "Keep Upright" at Klein Sun Gallery.

Art2day | SCULPTUREJanuary 31, 2017

Educational arts site Art2day features Shen Shaomin alongside other sculptors

Artsy | 5 Things Every Collector Needs to Know about Art InsuranceNovember 11, 2016

Shen Shaomin's "Handle with Care"series is used in Artsy's Art Insurance article 


The online exhibition “The Layered Image” includes Shen Shaomin’s “Handle with Care Series,” in which Shaomin recreates Warhol’s soup can paintings wrapped in bubble wrap.

Sabato interior | wie koopt dat?August 10, 2016

Shen Shoamin's "I sleep on top of myself" is featured in Fench and Dutch magazine Sabaoto Interior. 

El Comercio | En busca del coleccionismo esquivo April 26, 2016

Shen Shaomin is mentioned in this roundup of Art Lima 2016.

The Adelaide Review | Lisa Roet On Hybrid Hearts And The Science Of Art March 15, 2016

Shen Shaomin's video collaboration with Lisa Roet is mentioned in this feature.

The Culture Trip | Chinese artist Shen Shaomin Discusses Life, Death and Skeleton Art01/26/2016

Shen Shaomin is interviewed at his studio by Luise Guest. 

Art Fuse I Believe the Hype! January 23, 2016

Art Fuse reviews Outsider Art Fair, mentioning Cai Dongdong and Shen Shaomin's works. 

The Sydney Morning Herald Review | Boundaries open up in After Utopia at Singapore Art Museum September 4, 2015

A review of the group show "After Utopia," in which Shen Shaomin presents his sculptures. 

Daily Serving | After Utopia at the Singapore Art MuseumJuly 31, 2015

Daily Serving reviews Shen Shaomin's work in a group exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum. 

LEAP | Cabbage June 26, 2015

Shen Shaomin's work "Experimental Field" is featured in a writeup comparing replicas of food in art throughout history. 

The Canberra Times Arts review | Go East - Gene and Brian Sherman Contemporary Asian Art at the Art Gallery of NSW June 23, 2015

The Canberra Times reviews a comprehensive group show featuring Shen Shaomin. 

Blouinartinfo | Sydney’s Profound “Go East” Exhibition of Asian Art June 10, 2015

Blouinartinfo reviews the exhibition "Go East: The Gene & Brian Sherman Contemporary Asian Art Collection," which features the work of Shen Shaomin. 

The Business Times | Fatal flaws of political utopias May 8, 2015

A review of the group show "After Utopia," with a special mention of Shen Shaomin's works. 

Luise Guest | Handle with Care April 3, 2015

Influential art critic Luise Guest reviews Shen Shaomin's solo show "Handle with Care" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015) on her blog. 

Artsy | Shen Shaomin’s Illusionistic Paintings Unpack Art as a Commodity March 4, 2015

Shen Shaomin's solo show "Handle with Care" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015) is reviewed in Artsy's editorial section. 

Art in America | Duelling Visions at Art Basel Hong Kong May 22, 2014

Shen Shaomin's are mentioned in Richard Vine's roundup of Art Basel for Art in America. 

Blouinartinfo | Encountering Large-Scale Sculptures at Art Basel Hong Kong May 18, 2014

Shen Shaomin's work in the Encounters section at Art Basel Hong Kong 2014 is featured. 

Art Slant | Sheer Size and Ambition May 13, 2014

An Art Slant critic reviews the Encounters section at Art Basel Hong Kong. 

Sotheby's | Art Basel 2014 Encounters May 5, 2014

Shen Shaomin's work in the 2014 Encounters section of Art Basel is featured. 

the Culture Trip | Chinese artist Shen Shaomin Discusses Life, Death and Skeleton ArtApril 1, 2014

The Culture Trip interviews Shen Shaomin at his studio in Beijing, China. 

Forbes | A Guide To Art Basel In Hong Kong May 13, 2013

Forbes draws up a guide to Art Basel Hong Kong, mentioning Shen Shaomin's sculptures in the Encounters section. 

Art Daily | Shen Shaomin's second solo exhibition at Eli Klein opens in New York April 28, 2013

Shen Shaomin's solo show "I Touched the Voice of God" is reviewed in Art Daily. 

Asian art newspaper | Shen ShaominJanuary 2, 2013

Asian Art Newspaper explains Shen Shaomin's process and the ideology behind his work. 

Art Asia Pacific | THE MORBID HUMOR OF SHEN SHAOMINNovember 2, 2012

Art Asia Pacific catches up with Shen Shaomin to discuss his works. 

The China Story | In the Face of Contemporary Chinese Art September 22, 2012

A print version of the speech by Linda Jaivin, given at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia, is reproduced in The China Story. The speech mentions Shen Shaomin's portrait series. 

Global Times I High expectations for HK art scene May 24, 2012

Global Times reports on Hong Kong's growing art market and the 2012 iteration of Art HK, featuring Shen Shaomin's works. 

Aesthetica | A Ticking Timebomb November 22, 2011

Shen Shaomin's solo show "The Day After Tomorrrow" in Sydney, Australia, is reviewed. 

Art Asia Pacific | THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW : SHEN SHAOMINNovember 15, 2011

Writer Michael Young reviews Shen Shaomin's first solo show in Australia. 

Art News | Fighter X - by Shen ShaominSeptember 9, 2011

Art News reviews Shen Shaomin's solo exhibition "Fighter- X."

Art Asia Pacific | In the Grip of Power July 1, 2011

Writer Michael Young visits Shen Shaomin's studio in Beijing for an interview with Art Asia Pacific. 

the university of sydney | The Beauty and the Terror: Interview with Shen ShaominMarch 21, 2011

The University of Sydney interviews Shen Shaomin to discuss his work.

Yishu Journal | The Beauty of Distance December 1, 2010

Shen Shaomin's works are reviewed in this essay on the 2010 Sydney Biennale. 

Art in America | Review November 1, 2010

Renowned art critic Richard Vine reviews Shen Shaomin's "Distortion" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2010) for Art in America.

Design Boom | Bonsai Series July 6, 2010

Shen Shaomin's 'Bonsai' series is featured on Design Boom. 

Art Daily | World Renowned Conceptual Artist Shen Shaomin at Eli Klein Fine ArtJune 10, 2010

Shen Shaomin's first solo show at Klein Sun gallery is reviewed by Art Daily. 

Design Boom | Shen Shaomin: SummitJune 2, 2010

Shen Shaomin's "Summit" series is featured on Design Boom. 

New York Times | Art That Was Once Alive May 4, 2010

Shen Shaomin's Sagittaurius is featured in The New York Times' photo essay of 'Art That Was Once Alive.' 

Hollywood Sentinel | Los Angeles Art Show VIP Opening Night Gala April 26, 2009

The opening gala of the Los Angeles Art Show is covered by reporter Moira Cue, who notes Shen Shaomin's sculpture. 

Sing Tao Daily Newspaper | SCOPE New York: More than thirty Chinese Artists Included March 7, 2009

Sing Tao Daily Newspaper reported an unprecedented number of Chinese artists, including Shen Shaomin, featured in 2009's Scope Art Fair in New York. 

The Art Newspaper | Limited Sparkle at Makeshift Scope December 6, 2008

Shen Shaomin's Unknown Creature No. 20 Bat sells for a considerable sum at 2008 Scope Art Fair, as reported by The Art Newspaper. 

ArtZine China | Review August 1, 2008

Shen Shaomin and Zhang Dali's group show, featuring Shen's Experimental Fields and Bonsai, is reviewed in ArtZine China. 

South China Morning Post | Creature Features June 25, 2006

Shen Shaomin's solo show in Hong Kong is reviewed by the South China Morning Post. 

South China Morning Post | Burning Visions July 11, 2004

SCMP reviews Shen Shaomin and his exhibits at an exhibition organized by the Asia-Australia Art Centre in Sydney, Australia.