Arte Fuse | Simple Life is Interesting! (A Group Show at Klein Sun Gallery) April 8, 2014

Arte Fuse introduces Li Liao, Liu Chuang, No Survivors and Yan Xinguang for their group exhibition "Simple Life Is Interesting!" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014). 

Art In America: The Lookout "Simple Life Is Interesting!" April 4, 2014

"Simple Life Is Interesting" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014) is featured in Art In America.

Artsy | Contemporary Chinese Artists Highlight the Complexities of Simple Life April 1, 2014

Artsy features Li Liao, Liu Chuang, Pak Sheung Chuen, Yan Xinguang and No Surivor's works in their group show, "Simple Life Is Interesting!" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2014).