Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art | Lí Wei at Klein Sun Gallery and the Zurich Roots of the Worldwide Chinese Art PhenomenonAugust 27, 2017

Whitehot Magazine Edititor Noah Becker discusses artist Lí Wei's debut North American exhibition, "Cellar and Garret", and the Zurich roots of the global Chinese art market. 

Artsy | Meet the Next Generation of Chinese Artists June 16, 2016

Artsy reviews the group show "New voices: a dslcollection story," (Klein Sun Gallery, 2016).

the goddess | The nerves are big enough and you appreciate his art! Dare it?September 22, 2015

The Goddess deos a Q&A with Li Wei about his exhibiton at the Red Brick Art Museum. 

global times | At death’s doorSeptember 5, 2015

Li Wei poses the question "What is death?" in his exhibtion at the Red Brick Art Museum.