Spiritual Encounters: In Memory of Cui Xiuwen | Buddhistdoor Global09/02/2019

Guoying Stacy Zhang reflects upon the life and work of Cui Xiuwen.

Yishu Magazine | God Bless the Child: In Memory of Cui Xiuwen12/01/2018

Cui Xiuwen's life and legacy is honored in Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art.

Art Asia Pacific | Obituary: Cui Xiuwen (1967–2018)08/03/2018

Art Asia Pacific announces the passing of Chinese contemporary artist Cui Xiuwen.

Yishu Magazine | Cui XiuwenSeptember/ November, 2016

An in depth article about Ciu Xiuwen's exhibition "Angel's Light" at  the Arthur M. Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology at Peking Univeristy. 

THE ART NEWS PAPER | Shanghai’s Long Museum takes aim at female artistsAugust 2, 2016

Cui Xiuwen is one of 100 female artists showing in this group show at the Long Museum in Shanghai, China. 

China Daily | A woman' s exploration of life June 21, 2016

Cui Xiuwen's solo exhibition in Beijing is reviewed by China Daily. 

Bazaar Art | Cui: "body, mind and spirit, life" quadruple ExplorationMay 30, 2016

Bazaar Art reviews Cui Xiuwen's solo show "Angel Light" at the Peking University Sackler Museum of Art and Archeology in Beijing, China. 

The Culture Trip I 10 Contemporary Chinese Photographers You Should KnowMarch 26, 2016

Cui Xiuwen is featured alongside other prominent artists in the Culture Trip.

The Culture Trip I 10 Contemporary Chinese Women Artists You Should KnowJanuary 5, 2016

Gao Rong and Cui Xiuwen are featured alongside other prominent female artists in the Culture Trip.

Arena Magazine | Cui Xiuwen January 1, 2016

Cui Xiuwen's work is reviewed in the Japanese culture journal Arena.

Yishu journal | Context, Challenge, Conversion October 1, 2015

Cui Xiuwen's body of work is mentioned in Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art, in an academic essay by Taliesen Thomas who asks: "Can there be Chinese feminism in contemporary Chinese art?"

No Tofu | Cui Xiuwen's Awakening June 11, 2015

Cui Xiuwen is interviewed for her solo show in Klein Sun Gallery.

Artnet | artnet Asks: Cui Xiuwen June 9, 2015

artnet news interviews Cui Xiuwen ahead of her solo show "Awakening of the Flesh" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015).

Art in America | Awakening of the Flesh June 5, 2015

"Awakening of the Flesh" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015) is selected as 'The Lookout' section of Art in America. 

Randian | Cui Xiuwen: a profile in time and space May 3, 2015

Christopher Moore reviews Cui Xiuwen's solo show.

Medium | Three Views of the Chinese Art Resurgence March 23, 2015

Cui Xiuwen's approach to female sexuality is mentioned in this longform article on Chinese contemporary art. 

Vantage | Half the Sky November 11, 2014

Cui Xiuwen is interviewed in light of her participation in the group show "Half the Sky."

Baccarat Magazine | Women in Art August 24, 2014

Cui Xiuwen participates in a Q&A about her career and oeuvre for Baccarat Hong Kong. 

Global Times | Cui Xiuwen's interactive performance held at the Today Art Museum May 3, 2014

The performance piece Destiny of A Life Time is reviewed by Global Times. 

Harper's Bazaar | De Beers "Moments in Light" July 1, 2013
Harper's Bazaar | Bazaar Art Night Hong Kong July 1, 2013

Cui Xiuwen is featured alongside Zhang Xiaogang and other prominent artists in a Harper's Bazaar feature. 

China Daily | A Steamy Sampling of Chinese Art April 5, 2013

Zhang Dali, Cui Xiuwen, Li Hongbo's works are featured in the Brattelboro Museum & Art Center exhibition "Hot Pot", as reported by China Daily. 

Lamono Magazine | arte desde el compromiso May 25, 2012

Cui's work is studied in Barcelon-based art and culture magazine Lamono. 

Hyperallergic | More Radical in China February 14, 2012

Art critic and scholar Ellen Pearlman reviews Cui Xiuwen and Miao Xiaochun for Hyperallergic. 

n.paradoxa | 'Spiritual Realms' in the Material World January 1, 2012

Professor Patricia Karetzky examines Cui's Spiritual Realm film for feminist art journal n.paradoxa. 

Blouinartinfo | Take a Virtual Tour of Philadelphia's Revolutionary "Half The Sky: Women in the New Art of China" October 25, 2011

Cui Xiuwen is mentioned as a noteworthy artist to visit in the group show "Half the Sky."

Creative Lofting | Cui Xiuwen's photos swirl with the circular contemplation of self October 24, 2011

A reivew of Cui's "Existential Emptiness" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2011). 

Burnaway | Cui Xiuwen’s Existential Emptiness Finds Enlightenment in Multiplicity October 24, 2011

Cui Xiuwen's exhibition is reviewed in the blog Burnaway.

The Philadelphia Inquirer | 'Half the Sky': Wide-ranging art from Chinese women October 14, 2011

Cui Xiuwen is mentioned in a feature about "Half the Sky," a group show of Chinese female artists. 

Blouinartinfo | Second Ullens Collection Sale at Sotheby's Hong Kong Finds a Robust But Not Fevered Market October 4, 2011

Market news on Cui Xiuwen's video piece "Lady's Room." 

Art in America | Post-Mao Photo Lessons April 11, 2011

Cui Xiuwen's solo show "Existential Emptiness" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2011) is reviewed in Art in America.

Art Press 376 | Scénographies de L'Étrange - Uses of the Uncanny March 1, 2011

French critic Dominique Baque reviews Cui Xuiwen's 'Angel' Series. 

Jing Daily | One of China’s Leading Female Photographers On Display in New York January 19, 2011

Cui Xiuwen's solo show "Existential Emptiness" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2011) is featured in Jing Daily.

Sing Tao Daily | Existential Emptiness January 17, 2011

Sing Tao Daily looks at Cui Xiuwen's solo show "Existential Emptiness" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2011).

Be-Art Magazine | Autopsy: Cui Xiuwen, a Woman in Chinese Avant-garde Photography December 26, 2010

Looking at the emergence of Chinese contemporary photography, Be-Art Magazine selects Cui Xiuwen as a leader in her field.

Artslant | The Spiritual Realm in Real Life November 16, 2010

Cui Xiuwen's 2010 solo exhibition is reviewed in Artslant.

LEAP | Cui Xiuwen October 3, 2010

An interview with Cui Xiuwen. 

ArtSlant | Interview with Cui Xiuwen January 1, 2010

ArtSlant speaks with Cui ahead of her solo show "Existential Emptiness" at Klein Sun Gallery in 2010. 

Artforum | Flu Season May 24, 2009

A column for Artforum Diary mentions Cui Xiuwen's presence during the Hong Kong art fairs in 2009.

NY Times | China's Female Artists Quietly Emerge July 30, 2008

Ciu Xiuwen is one of the several artists noted by Holland Cotter in a feature tracking the emergence of female artists in China. 

Blouinartinfo | Isidro Blasco in Shanghai May 1, 2008

The artist Isidro Blasco lists Cui Xiuwen's show as one of the highlighted things to do in Shanghai.

ArtPulse | Contemporary Chinese photography commands our attention October 1, 2007

Cui Xiuwen is mentioned in a feature about contemporary Chinese photography.