i-D | The photobooks to gift this Christmas12/14/2022

Cai Dongdong's "Left, Right" is featured in i-D's photobooks recommendation. 

PhMuseum | Gun, Camera, Action: Winding Back the History of Photography03/24/2022

Cai Dongdong's photo book "A Game of Photos" is reviewed by PhMuseum.

Burn Magazine | Cai Dongdong History of Life06/05/2021

Cai Dongdong presents an often-overlooked narrative of pre and post cultural revolution China in the book "History of Life." 

Sixth Tone | Ready, Aim, Click: The Artist Reframing China’s Modern History09/14/2020

Cai Dongdong is featured on Sixth Tone as the artist reframing China's modern history


Cai Dongdong's work represents the cover story of the 2020/4 edition of the Chinese Photography Magazine.

What Can Contemporary Photography Tell Us About China Today? Here Are 7 of the Most Arresting Images at Photofairs Shanghai 2019 | Artnet09/23/2019

Cai Dongdong's "A Hundred Years" (2019) is featured in Artnet's list of the "7 Most Arresting Images at Photofairs Shanghai 2019." 

Shanghai Photography Magazine | Cai Dongdong05/16/2019

Cai Dongdong's work represents the cover story of the 2019/2 edition of Shanghai Photography Magazine.

The Highlander | New Gallery Exhibit Challenges Perception02/09/2019

Li Hongbo and Cai Dongdong's exhibition Emerging Dimensions at Misericordia University is reviewed in The Highlander. 

The Dallas Post | An exhibit with ‘a wow factor’
The Dallas Post | An exhibit with ‘a wow factor’01/17/2019

Emerging Dimensions: Works by Li Hongbo and Cai Dongdong is featured in an article by The Dallas Post. 

Yishu Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art | A Conversation with Cai Dongdong January 2, 2019

Cai Dongdong's interview with Tansy Xiao is feature in Yishu Journal's January/February 2019 issue.

Art in America | China's Photographic Memory December 11, 2018

Cai Dongdong is featured as a key Chinese photographer who values materiality, physical space, and the camera's links to a vanishing collective past.

New York Times | 8 Artists at the Paris Photo Fair Who Show Where Photography Is Going Nov 9, 2018

Cai Dongdong is featured as one of 8 artists who show where photography is going

Art Radar | Chinese photographer Cai Dongdong December 19, 2017

Cai Dongdong's exhibition Photography Autocracy featured in Art Radar.

Raincoat Society | An artist interview with Cai Dongdong December 12, 2017

An interview with artist Cai Dongdong

eChinaArt | Walking in a Confusing Area December 12, 2017

An Interview with Cai Dongdong and Phil Cai, the gallery manger at Eli Klein Gallery.

creative | photography as installationMarch 11, 2017

Cai Dongdong's work is featured in "Photography as Installation"

Artsy | Artsy’s Year in Art 2016January 5, 2017

Cai Dondong listed as one of Artys 2016 "Featured Artists."

the college voice | Spotlight on Cai Dongdong’s “Off Target”October 25, 2016

A review of Cai Dongdong's solo show at the Charles Chu reading room at Connecticut College. 

CNN style | From Tiananmen to THIS: The new world of Chinese photographySeptember 12, 2016

CNN Style writes about Cai Dongdong's success in PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai.

Forbes | Art Collectors Wake Up To Investment Potential Of Contemporary Chinese PhotographySeptember 12, 2016

The demand for photography is on the rise as well as the number of Chinese photographers emerging in the last decade, including Cai Dondong. 

Larry's List | Why the Bodybuilding Champion Didn’t Become an Acting Star May 22, 2016

The collector Huang Yu reveals his selection of works for an exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chengdu, China, which features his collection. The exhibition includes the works of Cai Dongdong and Chen Wenbo. 

Asian Art News | Outsider and Insider April 14, 2016

Robert Morgan reviews the shows by Zhong Biao and Cai Dongdong, on concurrently at the Gallery.

Randian | Cai Dongdong’s “Fountain” at Klein Sun—Affinities Beyond Duchamp April 6, 2016

Randian reviews Cai Dongdong's solo show "Fountain."

Artnet China | 蔡东东在纽约凯尚画廊,幻化成雕塑的摄影 March 10, 2016

Artnet China interviews Cai Dongong, asking about his unique photosculpture works. 

Artnet | Gallery Hopping: Cai Dongdong Turns Photo into Sculpture at Klein Sun Gallery March 7, 2016

Artnet editor reviews Cai Dongdong's solo exhibition at Klein Sun Gallery. 


Whitewall Magazine reviews the solo Cai Dongdong and Zhong Biao shows. 


Liz Daly's Culture Digest I Outsider Art: Moving Inside? January 29, 2016

Writer Liz Daly reviews the Outsider Art Fair. 

Art Report I Come in from the Blizzard January 24, 2016

Cai Dongdong's work is mentioned in a roundup of the Outsider Art Fair. 

Art Fuse I Believe the Hype! January 23, 2016

Art Fuse reviews Outsider Art Fair, mentioning Cai Dongdong and Shen Shaomin's works. 

WideWalls I Cai Dongdong January 20, 2016

Cai Dong Dong featured in WideWalls 

CAFA Art Info I Exploring Asia by Photography October 17, 2015

The exhibition “Unfamiliar Asia: The Second Beijing Photo Biennial," which featured the works of Cai Dongdong, is reviewed in CAFA Art Info. 

City Weekend | Art Review: “Falling Stone” at Tong Gallery + ProjectsJuly 13, 2015

City Weekend reviews Cai Dongdong's show "Falling Stone" noting his refreshing use of photography.

Art Radar Journal | “China 8”: Germany’s largest show of contemporary Chinese art June 5, 2015

Miao Xiaochun and Cai Dongdong are mentioned in this feature on the group show "China 8." 

Dotphotozine I Paris Photo LA and Photo InpendentMay 7, 2015

Dotphotozine reviews Cai Dongdong's work at Paris Photo LA.

Truffle Hunting I Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015 May 1, 2015

Culture blog Truffle Hunting reviews Paris Photo Los Angeles, mentioning Cai Dongdong's work as a standout. 

The Art Newspaper I Art Basel in Hong Kong Daily Edition March 15, 2015

Cai Dongdong's work in the group show "China 8" is mentioned in The Art Newspaper.

Art Agenda I Unlived by What is Seen December 13, 2014

Critic and curator Venus Lau reviews a group show in Beijing's 798 district, featuring Cai Dongdong.

Randian I Cai Dongdong June 25, 2013

Randian visits Cai Dongdong's solo show in Beijing. 

Leap Magazine | Draftmanship May 10, 2013

Leap Magazine reviews Cai Dongdong's show in Beijing.