SCADworks | Shi Jinsong's meditation on the timesDecember 8, 2022

Shi Jinsong talks with SCAD on his solo show "Waiting for a response which we might never get" and one featured work in the exhibition, "Let's Go."

Art & Object | The SCAD Museum of Art Announces Shi Jinsong Fall 2022 ExhibitionSeptember 27, 2022

Art & Object writes about Shi Jinsong's solo show "Waiting for a response which we might never get" as part of the SCAD Museum of Art Fall 2022 exhibitions.

Wall Street International I Shi Jinsong 's Art Fair: Free Download February 17, 2015

Wall Street Journal Interantional writes about Shi Jinsong's exibition "Art Fair - Free Download" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015). 

Arsty I Artist Shi Jinsong Turns Natural Debris into Multimedia Installation February 15, 2015

Arsty reviews Shen Shaomin's solo show "Art Fair - Free Download" (Klein Sun Gallery, 2015).


The Wild Magazine I Shi Jinsong’s ‘Art Fair: Free Download’ February 10, 2015

The Wild Magazine interviews Shi Jinsong about his art and practice. 

Design & Trend I A Visit To 'Shi Jinsong's Art Fair : Free Download' On This Week's RAW January 23, 2015

Shi Jinsong's solo show "Free Download" is reviewed on Design & Trend. 

randian I Shi Jinsong’s Fragile Branches May 6, 2014

Randian critic Christopher Moore reviews Shi Jinsong's solo show in Hong Kong. 

Time Out Hong Kong I You Won't Believe It March 13, 2014

A feature on Shi Jinsong's exhibition in Hong Kong. 

Frieze I Beijing Voice: Together or Isolated March 2, 2011

Critic Iona Whittaker reviews a group show at Pace Beijing featuring Shi Jinsong's works. 

Beautiful Decay I Shi Jinsong December 14, 2009

Beautiful Decay presents images of works from Shi Jinsong's show in Italy. 

designboom I tree motorbikes December 13, 2009

Shi Jinsong's tree sculptures are reviewed in designboom. 

designboom I shi jinsong gun shape baby carriage December 11, 2009

Shi Jinsong's work in the group exhibition "China – Contemporary Revival" is reviewed by designboom.